Daisy Craft Glue Resist Gift Tags

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Creating tags to add to simple bags is such a great way to create a festive and fun gift! These glue resist gift tags are perfect for crafters of ALL ages to make.

The trick to to this project is allowing the time for the Ultra Bond Adhesive to dry (CLEAR). It requires several hours so if you are doing this with a group of kids or at a retreat – do the glue design FIRST then let it sit overnight while doing other activities. Let’s go!

Materials and Supplies

I LOVE this craft glue used for this project. It comes in a bottle that is totally manageable to hold while designing. The glue comes out in a steady consistency which makes it perfect for resist crafts like this one. This is what you will need.


The trick to being successful here is to make sure that plenty of time is allowed for the glue to dry before doing any of the rest of the steps. SO, plan accordingly. When the glue comes out of the bottle it will be white but it dries totally clear – perfect for a gorgeous resist when painting.

Step One

On a thick piece of watercolor paper, doodle a daisy WITH the Ultra Bond glue. Also doodle a square that is slightly larger than the daisy. When doodling with glue, hold the bottle up about 5 inches from the paper. If needed, draw the design on a piece of paper then place the watercolor paper over it on a light table to trace with the glue. Note, daisies come in all shapes and sizes.

Let the glue dry completely.

Step Two

Using high quality watercolors, paint the doodles.Paint inside the square green (mixing a couple of shades for extra fun) and a thick blue border around the outside of the square. The paint will flow around the dried adhesive creating a clear raised and beautiful border.

For the white petals, add a touch of grey to create depth.

Step Three

Cut out the doodles. Cut around the daisy with plain scissors. Cut around the square (at the edge of the blue paint) with pinking shears. There are lots of decorative scissors that could also be used to create different effects for the tags.

Step Four

To glue the pieces of the tag together, start with the ribbon. Cut a piece measuring 12-14 inches (determined by how tall the gift bag is). Fold it in half at a slant. Apply a dab of the Ultra Bond to the top of the ribbon.

Press the square card onto the ribbon in the place where the glue is and hold it for a few seconds. Then, add the daisy – also with the Ultra Bond. This adhesive is perfect for the watercolor paper and the fabric of the ribbon too!

Once the adhesive has dried, the tag is ready to add to a gift bag. It can be added with a hole punch then tied or by using a clip.

I prefer the clip so the tag can be saved and added to something else by the recipient. I would put it on my bulletin board of special things.

More Ideas with Ultra Bond Adhesive

There are lots of fabulous ways to use Ultra Bond in craft projects. Here are two more fun ideas from my Team Creative Crafts partners.

Beth used the adhesive to create this darling bunny decor. Check out the full tutorial over on Creatively Beth, her blog.

Lindsay created this awesome butterfly wall art with the Hop over to Artsy Fartsy Mama for all of the deets to make one of your own.

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