Harry Potter Homemade Creature Companion Bookmarks

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This book is loaded with magical DIY projects for crafters and makers at every level.

Over the past week, I had the opportunity to spend 6 nights with Lindsay Gilbert, the author of Harry Potter Homemade. This was, of course, the perfect opportunity to make something from within the magical pages. We put our heads together with Beth from Creatively Beth and Debra from Kunin Felt and decided to each make one of the four Creature Companion Bookmarks from Chapter 1: Spring! We all used Classics Kunin Felt to create our masterpieces.

About the Book

Harry Potter Homemade is an amazing book filled with NOT ONLY the most amazing crafty projects for all seasons BUT ALSO loads of information about the characters and events of the Wizarding World. Lindsay has woven together craft projects that pair up with oodles of movie facts AND lots of behind the scenes tidbits.

As it states on the back of the Harry Potter Homemade book, “From friendly fireside chats in the Gryffindor common room to a crowded breakfast table at the Burrow, Harry Potter films are filled with cozy moments of friendship, family and home.” Lindsay has taken these magical moments and turned them into 25 crafts and recipes for YOU to do as a way to access your creativity and immerse yourself into the magical world.

This is what you find inside the pages!

25+ PROJECTS: Craft and create candles, quilts, jam, macramé, wreaths, felt, ceramics and more inspired by the Wizarding World

YEAR-ROUND GUIDE: A year-round guide to cozy projects from fresh summer fruit jams to warm, colorful quilts

FOR EVERY SKILL LEVEL: Complete instructions and helpful charts make it easy for crafters of all ages to make thoughtful gifts 

INSPIRING IMAGES: Beautiful full-color photography of every project helps ensure success!

About the Author

This is what is says about Lindsay in the book.

“Lindsay Gilbert is a muggle-born crafter and glitter enthusiast from Utah. In her free time, she loves traveling, reading (especially the Harry Potter series), and spending time with her family. Lindsay has spent the last decade sharing creative tutorials on her site, Artsy-Fartsy Mama. She’s especially fond of making Harry Potter-themed crafts, which inspired the creation of Harry Potter: Cozy Comforts for All Seasons.”

This is what I have to say about Lindsay.

Lindsay is one of my best friends. Her heart is bigger than the grinch’s after it grow all of those sizes. He ears are the best listening kind – think of Horton the elephant but not in actual physical size. She is not only loaded from head to toe with imagination but she has a unique and wonderful way of sharing her magic through her wildly awesome array of craft tutorials. Lindsay is a devoted wife to a third grade teacher and YES – she decorates his classroom. She is the perfect mother for their almost teenage child whom I also adore. If you are looking to be inspired, empowered and seen – you should definitely be following Lindsay on her creative journey.

Beth and I are so fortunate to have Lindsay as a part of our leadership in Team Creative Crafts. She brings the humor, the calm force and the imagination everything we do – which included several trips a year to Universal Studios – the Wizarding World.

About Kunin Felt

Kunin Felt has different kinds of felt. For this project, we all used Classic but really – any of them would work. All of us have other felt Harry Potter projects on our blogs so after you get Harry Potter Homemade and make these, you can come back here and grab loads more of ideas.

A high-quality, all-around craft fabric – great for school, camp, and home projects.

An 8 oz felt that die-cuts and needles beautifully. It is also a more affordable and durable alternative to wool. Choose this felt for costumes, apparel, home decor, and any larger projects.

Thick and soft felt that is ideal for costumes, accessories, and decor.

With glitter in the fabric, Glitterfelt is especially great for holiday crafts, and anything else needing a festive shimmer.

Maximize your creative flair with this unique product. Friendlyfelt is a stiffened felt that cuts easily and cleanly into shapes. Great for all ages!

Friendly Glitter
Friendly Glitter is a stiffened felt that cuts easily and cleanly into shapes. Maximize your creative flair with this unique product. Great for all ages!

Prestofelt features an adhesive back and is made of high-quality Classicfelt.

For more creative felt crafts and inspiration, follow Kunin Felt Brand on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for daily creative inspiration and crafty projects! #createwithkunin #kuninfeltcrafts

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Harry Potter Homemade by Lindsay Gilbert - A unique and magical book filled with crafts, recipes and LOADS of Harry Potter movie facts and behind the scenes secrets #harrypotter #homemade #handmade #diy #book

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Cheers to Hedwig, Harry Potter Homemade and Lindsay the most amazing friend and author.



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