Hot Cherry Buffalo Wings and Twenty Maraschino Cherry Recipes with Cherry Man

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I first found Cherry Man cherries in the supermarket while strolling the aisles admiring packaging.  I fell in love with the Cherry Man and bought a jar.  Since then, I have been buying them like crazy and creating recipe after recipe.  This post is sponsored.  Cherry Man sent cherries to the members of my fabulous design team and we have all been busy creating amazing ways to cook, bake and create with these delicious cherries.  I am excited to share HOT CHERRY BUFFALO WINGS and twenty maraschino cherry recipes with Cherry Man and hope you are inspired to go out and get some yourself.

Grilled Cherry Hot Buffalo Wings

We had the hot cherry buffalo wings for dinner last night.  They were awesome sauce and devoured by all.  We got into a conversation about what the pieces of the wings are called.  Stems and flappers? Runners and fliers? Flats an Drums?  What do you call them?


Seriously, don’t they look yummy!

Cherry Chicken Wings

Check out all of these other delights with Cherry Man Cherries!

Cherry Man Recipes LKDT Collage

You can hop around and find lots of great recipes.  I would LOVE to know which one you are most excited to try!

You can enter to win a Cherry Man Prize Pack and a $100 Visa Gift Card too.  I know…how fabulous!

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For more information about Cherry Man, you can visit them on their Website or follow them on Facebook!

Cheers to Cherries On Top of EVERYTHING,



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3 thoughts on “Hot Cherry Buffalo Wings and Twenty Maraschino Cherry Recipes with Cherry Man”

  1. I would start with the Sparkling Orange Cherry Mocktail and your wings and finish up with Very Cherry Parfaits!

  2. I can’t wait to try the Cherry Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcake Crumble – all the recipes look delicious!

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