Kindness Craft Gift Tag with Glue and Watercolor

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Don’t you love to make things festive and happy with DIY projects like these Kindness Craft Gift Tag hearts.  These are super easy and fun for kids and grown-ups too.  The best part is where there is doodling with glue but wait, that step is coming up soon.  I made these tags then tied them onto one of my favorite treats, cookie butter!  When I was in the store I found cookie butter candy bars and got a little crazy, buying a dozen!

I had to do something darling to turn them into gifts.  These watercolor kindness and love gift cards are the perfect answer.  They would also be great for adding to Valentine’s Day treats.  This post is sponsored by Beacon Adhesives but the ideas and opinions are my own.  I am thrilled to share this as my first Kindness Craft for the month of February.  Did you know that National Random Acts of Kindness Day is February 17th.  Don’t you that there are so many ways to spread kindness and happy to add this one to your list.


The first step is awesome.  Doodle out some hearts with glue onto watercolor paper!  The 3-in-1 glue from Beacon is great because it starts and dries clear.  It dries pretty fast!  If you are doing this with a classroom of kids, it might be best to do this step earlier in the day and the painting a little later so they aren’t stuck waiting. This glue is great because it doesn’t wrinkle or mess up the watercolor paper in the least.


Once the 3-in1 Craft Glue is dry, use your watercolor pods to paint the insides of the hearts.  I used ooly watercolor paint pods and watercolor paper.

The watercolor paint dries pretty quickly.  Then you can cut around the hearts on the OUTSIDE of the glue line.


Punch holes in the hearts and tie them to little gifts, prizes or bags.

Look how awesome that glue dried.  It makes the most fabulous visual and feely border to the heart.

If you have a big kindness gift like a jar of cookie butter, be sure to make a big heart!

If you are making them for Girl Scout kindness gifts for your sisters in scouting, you can do the same thing with a trefoil.  Making these would be a fun addition to the Science of Happiness Cadette level badge.

Hole punch it and tie it with a heart to a gift to celebrate the wonders of Girl Scout sisterhood!  The kindness craft gift tag doubled up is adorable. If you need the trefoil pattern, you can grab it in this prior post.

Beacon’s 3-in-1 Craft Glue is great for so many maker projects.  It has a super fast grab and dries totally clear.  Be on the lookout because there will be more projects using it very soon.

Making a kindness craft gift tag with glue and watercolors is just a good idea.  it is fun.  Crafting is good for the soul and creates a way to be kind to oneself.  That is all before it is even given to another.

Cheers to Kindness,


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