Not My Circus

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Not my circus and certainly not my monkeys!


I love monkeys.  I think they are fascinating.  I can watch them at the zoo for hours and dream of going deep into the jungle to study them one day.  I really want to get to the theater to see the movie about them that is playing right now.  While I have this fascination for real monkeys (and SOCK MONKEYS), I also know that they can be mischievous and sneaky.  I once had a friend with a pet monkey and it caused all kinds of trouble.  The monkey in Night at the Museum is so naughty!

I do not like the circus.  I think it is freaky and it truly creeps me out.  I think this stems from my love for the Phantom of the Opera and his childhood maybe.  Well, whatever the reason…I have it made up that the monkeys that travel with the circus are probably trouble makers.  Even if they are not, this is my story to make up.

And so I get to my point.  My life is surrounded with circus like circumstances and there are monkeys in every group.  There are monkeys at the schools and the trade shows and the stores.  There are monkeys on the roads (driving sometimes) and even in some of my private groups where I choose to belong.  I have to constantly remind myself that I have the choice to be drawn into their drama and shenanigans or to stay on the clear paths.  That is why I LOVE this saying so much that I had to write it out.


I also am not a fan of Circus Peanuts BUT I saw them and they reminded me of this and well….I bought 2 bags JUST to take with this picture.  I think they were worth the $3, especially because I am bagging them up and sending them to Tanner from A Little Craft in Your Day!  I shrunk the printable down to make a little gift tag!


If you are a fan of this saying and would like to add it to your decor, you can download it FREE right here, right now!


You are welcome.



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