Pin the Scar on Harry Potter Wizard Party Game

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Pin the Scar on Harry Potter Wizard Party Game

This Pin the Scar on Harry Potter Wizard Party Game is a great way to create a magical fun time!  It is fantastic for all ages because gosh, who doesn’t live a blindfold and get dizzy then try to do something kind of game?  It is easy peasy to create with just a few simple materials and supplies, one being my favorite poster making paint – Chunkies Paint Sticks from ooly!  They work like markers but paint like paint.  If you don’t already have them, I highly recommend that you get yourself a set immediately.  They are GREAT for doing so many fun art projects.  This post is sponsored by ooly but the ideas and opinions are my own.

Supplies Needed

You will need the following supplies for the game!

  • Ooly Chunkies Paint Sticks
  • Permanent Marker for Outline
  • 20 x 28 inch white foam core or rigid board
  • Black Felt
  • Two Sided Tape
  • Scissors

Directions to Make Pin the Scar on Harry Potter Wizard Party Game

Cut a lightning bolt (scar) from black felt, about 3 inches in length.  Place it on the board and use it to proportionately draw the head for your wizard, leaving forehead room for the placement in the game.

Draw the rest of the body then use the Chunkies Paint Sticks to add color to the poster.

Use the Chunkies Paint Sticks to add stars, moons and dots to the poster game.

Add two sided tape to the felt lightning bolt and the game is ready to be played.  Blindfold players and have them walk from five feet away to the poster and place the lightning bolt, attempting to get it on the forehead.

Free Harry Potter Printable

Use this free printable of Harry as a party coloring sheet or a pattern to make your poster for the game. Download and print it FREE.

More Harry Potter Party Fun

Harry Potter’s birthday is later this month.  If you plan to celebrate (like we always do), here are two more great ways to create party fun.  Whip up some chocolate frogs with magical cards to color.  The free printable is waiting for you.

YAY for Creating Party Fun and Celebrating Harry Potter!


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