Upcycled Studio Decor with Old Jeans and Fabric

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I was working away today up-cycling some jeans into spring fashion items and then all of a sudden…boom!  I had some upcycled studio decor with old jeans and fabric from AdornIt.  I also received an amazing box of products from Fairfield and found myself pretty excited to use the stuffing and pillow form.  This stuff happens around here.  One thing leads to another and then TaDa…new things from the old.


This is how it started.


I have never been to a quilting class so I made this up completely.  I sewed pieces of this lovely fabric together with cut up pieces of the jeans that I loved so much.


I added some flowers cut out with my flower die for Sizzix.  You can buy it HERE.


I made it into a pillow, stuffing it with Poly-fil Ultra Plush from Fairfield World.


I put a flower on the back too…well…just because!


And because a girl can never have too many throw pillows, I made it a friend using a poly-fil pre-made pillow form from Fairfield.  I decided after making both that using a pre-made pillow works MUCH better for this project.  But I have to say, I love the fiber fill too because we make a lot of odd shaped stuffed things around here for the kids and with the Girl Scouts.


I used the scraps of fabric that I had left, along with the leftover denim, to create a garland.  It is so easy peasy.  Simply tie the strips to a piece of ribbon and hang!


So cute!


Isn’t is refreshing in my studio.  I LOVE it.I love the garland on the antique window.


I love the pocket in the pillow so I won’t lose the remote!


Cheers to adorable fabric and old jeans!



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4 thoughts on “Upcycled Studio Decor with Old Jeans and Fabric”

  1. This is such a fun project! We have tons of worn denim around the house, making pillows and these great looking patches is such a creative use for it!!

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