Wax and Watercolor Leaf Resist Art

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Wax and Watercolor Leaf Resist Art

This is such a great kid craft that can be done at home, either indoors or outside.  Whether you are taking a scenic drive into the mountains to collect leaves or exploring your neighborhood, this is a fantastic project.  Creating seasonal artwork with kids offers such a fabulous chance to mix up creative time with learning. As the season changes from summer to autumn, kids become fascinated with leaves. This fun art lesson helps them discover the beauty of the leaf and the details that it possesses. This project is great for kids of all ages as it is quick, easy and beautiful.

What will you need for this awesome kid craft – Leaf Resist Art

You will need a few supplies:

  • Leaves (not too crunchy or ther will break…)
  • White Wax (either a candle or a white crayon)
  • Watercolor Paper (the thinner the better) and Watercolor Paint (I recommend ooly Watercolor Paint Pods)
  • Paintbrush


  1. Place your leaf under the watercolor paper.
  2. While holding it in place with one hand, gently roll the wax over the entire surface.
  3. Remove the leaf from under the paper.  Watercolor over the entire surface, mixing colors to make it beautiful.
  4. Let it dry and admire the masterpieces.

Did you know that leaves have veins?  The veins provide support to leaves and they also transport both water and minerals to the leaf and the rest of the plant or tree.  They have the neatest patterns.

If you decide to create these resist pieces of art, be sure to watch the entire process. Watercolor resist paintings are a great way to mix art with science.  It is amazing how as the watercolor dries (and runs off the wax), the details get clearer and clearer.

Other Kid Craft Ideas

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