Wonder Woman DIY Party Ideas

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On Friday night (opening night) we saw Wonder Woman on the big screen and I am here to say, go see it.  It is really amazing.  I am not usually a fan of super hero movies.  I have not seen any of the movies that have come out over the past ten years.  My last memory of watching super heroes was as a kid in the cartoons and I secretly wanted to be a Wonder Twin.  I got tickets to see Wonder Woman because I just had this inkling that I needed to, that I would be glad I did.  I love when I trust my gut.  We loved it so much that we talked about it all evening and into Saturday morning when Jordan and I decided we wanted to create some Wonder Woman DIY party ideas.  We used our Sizzix machine and dies a bunch and this is what we came up with.

To get started, when I am inspired I doodle.  This is my Wonder Woman doodle that can be printed and colored to match the skin and hair of any girl.

It was all fun to create.  These cookies are basic sugar cookies decorated with Wilton frostings and star sprinkles.

The darling W to decorate the plate is a painted cardboard letter.

We painted it with Apple Barrel paints and then added yellow glitter to the band in the middle.

We also used my Girl Me and My Peeps die and a Sizzix Big Shot machine to create a die-cut Wonder Woman.  This is how it started.

With a little adhesive, some ribbon and some gold washi tape (and some floss for the lasso), this is our Wonder Woman masterpiece on an invitation.

We tend to save things like Pringles cans so have a surplus of recycled stuff.  We used two of them to create Wonder Woman arm bands along with gold glitter paper, felt stars and letter W’s cut from my Lemonade Alphabet die for Sizzix.

Cut the cans down to 8 inches cut then open.  Cover in gold glitter paper and add felt embellishments.  Ta da.

Decorating a table for a Wonder Woman celebration is easy peasy.  We made a mini garland with Kunin Group felt and gold ric-rac then added it to a red bucket with the plates and napkins.

We used gold pipe-cleaners to make cute napkin decorations too.

The movie really was amaze balls awesome.  The stunts were phenomenal.  The cinematography was fascinating.  The character development was divine.  We ordered this book because my little actress in  the family has so many questions!

If you are crushing on Wonder Woman as much as us, you might like these great ideas too.

The Kim Six Fix has a great tutorial for a DIY dresser.

Crafty Chica is sharing an awesome tutorial to make Wonder Woman jewelry along with a moview review.

And this craft by my friend Amanda.  I die.  It is just so darn cute!  I mean who doesn’t need to make a Wonder Woman from a cardboard tube?

If you haven’t seen the movie.  Go.  Go now.  Take your kids, your friends and your family.  It is bomb and I promise, you will love it.

Cheers to Wonder Women everywhere,






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