Adorable Carrot Themed Paper Easter Crafts

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Adorable Carrot Themed Paper Easter Crafts

If you haven’t seem my line of papers, foils and clear stamps from Therm-O-Web yet, then this is the perfect beginner craft for you. It is carrot themed which makes it great for springtime crafting that can be used in home decor. Of course, when crafting with paper, making cards and tags is a great ideas too. The foils are such a great way to add a pop of sparkle to projects. Let’s get started and make paper Easter crafts shaped like adorable happy carrots.

Paper Craft Foil Garland

Materials and Supplies Needed

Directions for Paper Easter Crafts Carrot Garland

Step One

For the garland, Foil four different transfer papers. Do all four using two colors of foil (Carrot Orange and Parakeet Green). These (when completed and colored) will be used to cut out the carrot pieces. To do this put the shiny side up on the transfer paper then insert them like a sandwich into parchment paper. Feed through a heated laminator. This is the laminator that I love the best.

If you are new to this process, For the directions on how to foil using a heat laminator, watch this awesome video from Therm-O-Web.


Once they come out of the laminator, peel the foil off. It is like a magical reveal party. Aren’t these so pretty?

Step Two

Color the foiled papers with water based markers. Color orange over the orange and green over the green. The magic is that the shiny foil will shine right through.

Step Three

Cut orange carrots and green tops for the pieces.

If you want to use a pattern, you can grab one here on the blog from another fun carrot post where we made carrot tags with Therm-O-Web products.

Step Four

Use the tape runner to attach the tops to the bottoms.

Step Five

If you want to add a little extra pizzazz to your carrots, you can stamp this darling flower from my Kindness on Purpose clear stamp set, color it and add a little foil center by using the Deco-Foil Liquid Adhesive.

Step Six

Cut the flowers out and adhere them to the carrots. 

They really give them a pop of pizzazz.

Step Seven

Tape twine to the backs of the carrots to create the garland.

It makes such a beautiful garland and a simple paper easter crafts!

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paper easter crafts Easter Carrot Garland

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Cheers and Love to Paper Easter Crafts and All Things Carrots!


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