Best Adhesives for Handmade Christmas Cards

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Create darling Christmas cards with a few of my favorite paper craft adhesives from Therm-O-Web.

There is something really special about a handmade card. Personally, I have been making handmade cards for my husband since we met. He cherishes them and saves them all in a box on the dresser. DIY paper crafted cards can be simple or totally over-the-top extravagant. Regardless of how detailed you want a handmade card to be, Therm-O-Web has the best glues, tape runners and adhesives to make it fun. The best thing is that the adhesives work long term so your pieces on your card stay put.

Adhesives for Card Making and Paper Crafts

I am super excited to share some of my favorite adhesives (and other products from Therm-O-Web) for card making and paper crafts. Sometimes my favorite way to create is to gather beautiful papers, fun envelopes and embellishments then just play around and make whatever comes to mind.

Let’s break down a few of my favorite adhesives and how to use them to create awesome handmade cards, bags and gift tags.

Therm-O-Web Mounting Squares

iCraft Mounting Squares are double-sided, photo-safe and cost-effective. They are great to attach photos, decorative papers, and other items to your cards. These squares are great for classes or working with kids too.

I especially love these for attaching papers that sometimes have funny feeling finishes to them. They work great and hold things in place, like the envelope about. Adding an envelope the the front (or inside) of a card is a great way to add a little pocket for notes or gift cards.

Basic Directions For Using Mounting Squares

  • Pull the blue liner off mounting square. 
  • Place square on project. (Be sure to carefully assess placement before adhering.)
  • Peel tab and press in place.
  • Peel off the other side.
  • Attach photo, tickets, papers and more.

iCraft Tape Runner for Paper Crafts

The tape runner is probably my most used paper craft adhesive. It is great to use for making card, wrapping gifts, attaching things into my planner and putting paper crafted products onto backing for selling in my sticker business. For cards, I almost always use the tape runner to attach a couple of layers of paper together to create a base to work on, immediately adding depth, color and designs.

Basic Directions for Using Tape Runner

  • General Directions
  • Flip protective cap to side.
  • Grasp applicator with index finger on top and press against paper at a 45º angle.
  • Slowly pull runner across surface.
  • Flip protective cap closed for storage.

Pro Tip: SLOW and STEADY is the trick. The tape runner has to be flat against the product and not at an angle. If you angle it or go too fast, the tape might come off the plastic pieces that hold it in place and make it work. I don’t recommend this for kids because they don’t always have the patience or the muscle skill to be successful.

Ultra Bond Adhesive for Paper Crafts and Cards

I love UltraBond liquid adhesive because it comes out evenly from the bottle AND dries clear. It is perfect for adding details like lace, buttons, ribbon, beads and little things to cards. It does have a dry time so if you use it, plan to leave your card flat for a bit before opening it to write inside.

Basic Directions for UltraBond Adhesive

  1. Pretest adhesive on materials before starting project.
  2. Apply a thin line or dots of glue, depending on the project, to your paper, fabric or embellishment. 
  3. Spread evenly with a brush or finger
  4. Press with light pressure into place. If needed hold or secure in place until glue is set.
  5. Let dry until clear.

How to Make a Scrap Handmade Card

These are the BEST kinds of cards to make for getting creative and using up all of the fun extra bits and pieces in the studio. Simply build layer upon layer of papers with the following types of other supplies.

Here is a list of fun supplies that can be used!

  • Ribbon
  • Mini Envelopes
  • Decorative Paper
  • Buttons, Sequins, Beads
  • Trims
  • Stickers
  • Stamped Designs
  • Tags
  • Cupcake Liners
  • Yarn, Craft Floss, Twine
  • Mini Wood Cutouts
  • Glass Squares
  • Paperclips

It is fun to use the adhesive and all of the fun crafty items to make gift tags and bags too.

More Fun Christmas Crafts with Therm-O-Web

I love this fun bag created by Creatively Beth. It is awesome because it is reusable year after year. Get the details on her blog.

Lindsay over at Artsy Fartsy Mama made these adorable stockings and is sharing the FREE pattern. Go grab it.

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