Best Animated Film 2015 – Kids’ Party Fun!

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We love going to the movies and this year all five that are up for the best animated film are so fantastic.  On a recent shopping trip, we picked up a few goodies to use in creating a party to celebrate these fun flicks for our girls and a few of their friends.

With these products and some fun simple ideas, you too can create a table full of yummy!

We created place cards for the snacks (six in all) and created a printable so you can do the same.  You can download it HERE.


The Boxtrolls Garbage Mix is my fave.  You can mix together different snacky things to create whatever mix makes sense to you and your gang.  This super cute garbage can is from World Market and PERFECT for serving this.  After the party, it became part of my studio decor and is currently holding fabric scraps that are too big to throw away but don’t really go anywhere.

And I love the Big Hero cookies (actually donuts) decorated with simple frosting.  You could make sugar cookies too.  The Song of the Sea Popcorn Treat has popcorn mixed with Goldfish crackers and is being served in World Market’s popcorn boxes.

I totally LOVE the How to Train Your Dragon Toothless Punch (aka World Market soda).  I cut the eyes out of green scrapbook paper and used a permanent marker for the black part topped with white colored pencil for the slits.

And Princess Kaguya’s moon bites are crescent shape cheese slices on the little bread shaped crackers from World Market.

Kids love puzzles and games too (although probably not as much as cookies and popcorn mix) so I als0 put together a word search for the 2014 Best Animated Film candidates.  You can download the PDF and print it out at home!

I made the Big Hero placemats with felt.  The popcorn napkins are from World Market.  Anything else you want to know?  Just ask.

Which movie do you hope wins?   Are you having a party?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.




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10 thoughts on “Best Animated Film 2015 – Kids’ Party Fun!”

  1. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I love World Market. I saw all the items you shared with us. Now I can plan a party for my granddaughters this summer with cool accessories.

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