Cherry Coke Floats

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I found these cherries while out grocery shopping at King Soopers and it made my whole day.  The packaging.  Oh my goodness!  It is the cutest ever.  Cherry Man!!!  I, of course, bought a jar and the other things needed to make cherry coke floats including Coca-Cola!   This post is not sponsored.  Sometimes I just find products that I love so much that I simply must share.  This is one of those times.


I love these cherries because they have the stems on them.  It says so right on the packaging.  Cherry Man is holding a sign to let you know!


Even the lid is super cute.


Of course the cherries are delicious and perfect for making cherry coke floats.


Check out their super fun website  HERE!  There are facts and recipes!!  Find out about their products and how amazing their growers are…all in the USA!


Now run to the store and get the stuff.  Make Coke floats.  Summer is happening and they are yummy.  When you get back, make it a party!  You can download this printable FREE right here and create your own little Cherry Celebration!


Happy Cherries,


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