Cherry Vanilla Coke Cocktail

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Cherry Vanilla Coke Cocktail.  Hi y’all, I am so happy to be over her blogging today!  I’m a Florida girl, born and raised, I love parties, DIY, and all my boys…my hubby, four sons, and our dog…sometimes in that order, sometimes not in that order.   I also love cherries…Cherry Coke, Cherry Sprite, Cherry icees, cherries…I’m good, truly.  But, Laura introduced me to Cherry Man cherries recently, and now, no other will do.  

Coca Cola

I am sharing one of our favorite adult drinks today.  It’s crazy simple, so smooth, and totally delicious! 

Drink Cherries 2


Cherry Man Cherry Syrup

Cherry Man Cherries

Coca Cola

Crown Royal Vanilla 

Crushed Ice


Crown Royal with a splash of vanilla extract, or you can substitute your favorite bourbon or whiskey instead of Crown Royal. 

Fill a glass with crushed ice and drizzle 2 ounces of Cherry Man Cherry Syrup over the ice.


Once it has all drizzled to the bottom of the glass, add a shot of Crown Royal Vanilla, and allow it to go to the bottom of the glass as well.  Pour 6 oz of Coca Cola (from an ice cold glass bottle) over the cherry syrup and the Crown Royal Vanilla, stir gently with a straw, and garnish with two Cherry Man cherries. 



We love putting the ingredients for this yummy drink on our bar and letting our guests get a little creative with it.  I like it with Sprite and a twist of lime too!

I hope to see you over on my blog, Everyday Party Magazine soon! 

The vintage Coca Cola crate is from Crates and Pallet and can be purchased on

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