Create a Lemonade Stand

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Here are some great ideas to create a lemonade stand!  Whether it is simply for fun or to teach your kiddos about earning money and working hard, creating a lemonade stand is a great experience.

How to Make a Lemonade Stand

I created a printable to make it easy peasy.  The different pieces can be used in lots of different ways.  Here are the three pages in the printable that you can purchase on Shop Laura Kelly.


When you cut the big squares out, you get the pieces you need to make a darling sign. If you mount them on thick card stock or laminate them, you can use them over and over again!


The little lemons are fun for so many uses.  They can be made into gift tags for goody bags or tied on to drink cups.  Here they are attached to decorative straws.


I sort of love the Fresh Squeezed sign.  Even if you use mix, add a little fresh lemon to make it special!


You can get the printable to do all of this crazy lemonade fun HERE – in my online store. This extra page is FREE and you can download it here to support your lemonade money making efforts.  The puzzles will keep your little workers busy while they are waiting for customers.

Lemonade Stand - Puzzle

Want a few tips…

  • Pick a pretty day!
  • Set up in a trafficked area.
  • Offer two flavors.
  • Sell cookies or sweets to go with your lemonade.
  • Be prepared with change.
  • Have a TIP jar.
  • Smile and be cheerful.

When life gives you lemonades, create a lemonade stand!



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