Darling Pumpkin Card with DIY Stickers and Handmade Envelope Linings

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Stickers make everything more fun.  This darling pumpkin card with DIY stickers using the Xyron Create-A-Sticker is fun to create and send.  With an extra pumpkin die-cut and the stickers inside, the receiver can them make their own little masterpiece to celebrate the season too.  This post is sponsored by Xyron but the ideas and opinions are my own.

To create the pumpkin card as folding die-cut, place your paper on the die so that it is about 1/4 inch inside of the left side.  This will make it so that the die does not cut through that side and creates the fold.  If you do this with two different papers, you can use Xyron’s Mega Runner to adhere them together. I used my pumpkin die that I designed for Sizzix for the making of this card.

Next, cut out shapes to decorate the pumpkin card.  Run the shapes through the Create-A-Sticker machine.  You can get it on Amazon for less than $20 with free shipping if you are a PRIME member.  Here is my affiliate link to grab one.

Add details to the front with the shapes.  It is fun to add ribbon too as an embellishment to the stem.

It is super fun to create an extra pumpkin to put inside the envelope with extra stickers to the person receiving the happy mail can make one too.

This is the message I put inside my card.

Oh, about that amazing envelope.  I love when envelopes have decorative linings.  Making a decorate envelope lining is so simple and adds such a special tough to a handmade card.  Here are the steps I use when I make linings.

First, trace the envelope on to the back of a decorative piece of paper.

Next, cut out the decorative paper inside of the line to allow room for the sticky part that has to be wet for the envelope to seal and down both sides at least halfway into the envelope.  Again, cut a little inside the line so the paper will slide down into the envelope.

Finally, use your Xyron Mega Runner to apply adhesive strips to the back of the decorate paper.  Slide it carefully into the envelope then press it together.

Ta Da!  Here are two finished pumpkin designs and a darling lined envelope.

There are so many coordinating papers out there to choose from that it is easy to create cards with matching liners.  This paper is from the line I designed for AdornIt and I kind of love it.  I think what makes this project the mostest fun of all is the fact that the card is sent with stickers.  DIY STICKERS!  The Create-A-Sticker machine is so crazy easy to use and just so fun.

Cheers to Handmade Things, Especially Holiday Cards!

This post contains affiliate links.  If you buy something using the link it helps me grow my blog and offer my fun projects.  🙂

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