DIY Autumn Wreath

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Yippee!  Autumn is officially in full swing.  It is the best season of them all because it brings with it cool crisp weather, beautiful colors in nature and the blessing of the harvest.  Sometimes the harvest is actual farmed foods.  Sometimes the harvest is the growth in the spirit that carries one through the wintertime.  Whatever reason you choose to create a celebration calls for a wreath to decorate your space.  This DIY autumn wreath is gorgeous because it is made with Sari Ribbon Yarn from Darn Good Yarn.  It has been dyed into beautiful fall colors so make a perfect addition to any room or door.  This post is sponsored by Darn Good Yarn but the ideas and opinions are my own.

DIY Autumn Wreath Chiffon Ribbon Yarn

To make the DIY autumn wreath, you will need the following supplies and materials.

Darn Good Yarn Chiffon Ribbon Ombre Pack

Here is some information about the Chiffon Ribbon Yarn.

Length: 80 yards
Yarn Weight: 5 – Bulky — 1/2′ – 1/4″ strips
Yarn Material: Chiffon (silk and polyester blend)

It comes in a skein but I like to work from a ball so I wrap into one before I start creating.

Wrap one of the orange colored skeins around the wreath.  To get it started tie a knot and then wrap around until you get back to the knot and tie it off.

Use a different skein to wrap around a very spread out layer to create a contrast.


Use the greenish colored Chiffon Ribbon Yarn to create a fluffy bow by cutting 25 8 inch pieces and tying them together in the middle.

Tie this to the wreath then add autumn embellishments.

Use 6-10 eighteen inch pieces of chiffon ribbon yarn to create a bow for the top of the wreath and tie it on with a longer piece to create a hanger.

It is a beautiful work of art.  I love this DIY autumn wreath!

I love using products and materials from Darn Good Yarn because they make a difference in the world.  Darn Good Yarn prides themselves on doing things the slightly harder way in order to make a difference in many areas.   Read their story HERE.

Happy Autumn,


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