DIY Button Ring Fashion Jewelry

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Create a statement piece of jewelry using beautiful buttons!

Buttons are so much fun and come in a huge variety of color, shapes and sizes. There are tons of ways to incorporate them into apparel but isn’t it so much fun to turn them into jewelry. This DIY Button Ring is easy to make and fabulous to wear with a coordinating outfit. Let’s get started and make a few pieces of fashion jewelry with buttons from Button Jam.

DIY Button Ring Tutorial Rainbow Stack

Materials and Supplies Needed

Directions to Make A Rainbow Stack Button Ring

If you want your ring to be sturdy and wearable, using this strong adhesive is a must. However, it is NOT an adhesive I would use with kids. If you are going to make these with kids, try something like a cool set glue gun – knowing that the ring MIGHT not hold up longterm. I LOVE E-6000 for DIYs like this.

Step One

Start by choosing which buttons you want on the ring. If they have shanks on the back, they will have to be removed! I recommend using wire cutters for this. Have your buttons lined up the way you are going to want to stack them or place them in the ring design.

Step Two

Use the E-6000 to attach the buttons to each other BEFORE attaching them to the ring base. This can be done on a silicone mat to keep them from sticking while drying. Add adhesive to the bottom of each button, a little in the center BUT NOT the one that will be attached to the ring base. Also, don’t put any adhesive on the top of the button that will be on the top.

Step Three

Stack the buttons and let them dry for a few minutes. Next, using a small amount of adhesive, attach the bottom button to the flat part of the ring base. Stick it in a cup of rice to hold in place while it dries.

How to Make a Flower Button Ring

Follow the steps above but instead of stacking, glue the sides of the petals together then add another button to the center in a contrasting color. Let this dry a little before adding to the flay surface of the ring base. It can dry flat or put in the cup of rice – whichever works better for you.

The funnest part about DIY Button Rings is wearing them! Look how much fun the rainbow stacked buttons ring is.

DIY Button Ring Rainbow Stack

If you have a really beautiful single button, it looks great as a ring too. Button Jam has so many gorgeous rings in their assortments!

About Button Jam Buttons

Button Jam buttons come is adorable little jars (that are perfect for upcycling in to fabulous projects). Each jar contains a color of buttons that come in many hues and sizes. The variety is never the same, making the experience of opening and sorting the buttons a joy. The buttons are made from thousands of different molds so the range of choices is broad including vintage styles!

Button Jam Buttons in Jars

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DIY Button Ring With Rainbow Stacked Colors Using Button Jam Buttons

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