DIY Clay Carrot Keyring

Make You Own Carrot Jewelry

Create darling marbled clay keyrings and jewlrey pieces in any shape with Sculpey Bake Shop clay and a mini cutter. I love all things carrots so OF COURSE need to have a key ring in my fave shape and colors for the spring season. They are super easy to make and go with all of the festive spring fashion pieces. Supplies and Materials Directions Start by setting up your work …

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DIY Tassel Necklace

DIY Tassel Necklace with Craft Cord

This gorgeous handmade necklace is quite the statement piece and so easy to make. Creating handmade jewelry offers the opportunity to make beautiful pieces in the exact sizes and color pallets for all fashion statements. Using hemp cord twine from Hemptique is great because it comes in a huge variety of colors. For this DIY tassel necklace, I used neutral colors and beads so it would go with all of …

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Screen Printing Tote Bags for Girl Scout Troops

Make a stencil to create multiple tote bags for all of the girls in the troop! When girls have a tote bag to keep their troop items organized and handy, they are likely to be more successful. This darling project allows you to make a stencil with all of the girls signatures (or designs) that can be used over and over on multiple tote bags (or even t-shirts)! The Ikonart …

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DIY Mexican Felt Heart Tassel

DIY Felt Heart Tassel with Yarn

Create an adorable accent to add to any purse, bag or satchel in a few simple steps. Kunin felt is such a great material to work with when creating fashion accessories. The ability to sew through it with yarn using a super sharp needle makes it even more fun. There is such a wide variety of colors in the Kunin Classic Felt line that the possibilities of combinations are endless. …

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DIY Felt iPad Cover

diy felt ipad cover accessory

Create an adorable accessory bag for your iPad or other favorite technology. I carry my iPad with me pretty much wherever I go so really needed a soft case to protect it in my bag. Kunin felt is the perfect option because it is durable and stable as well as soft. One of the best things about making DIY felt iPad cover is the versatility. It can be made in …

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DIY Teacher Lanyard with Polymer Clay

Me and My Inklings DIY Teacher Lanyard

Create a darling lanyard with Polymer Clay that any teacher would adore! Hello friends! I’m so excited to share my DIY Teacher Lanyard that I made with Polymer Clay with you. I know that sometimes working with clay can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be, and I’m happy to help walk you through it! What You’ll Need –Sculpey Bake Shop: Red, Gray Pink, Brown, White, and Yellow–Sculpey III: …

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How to Cross Stitch a Topiary Key Ring

How to Cross Stitch Key Ring

This is a darling and simple beginner cross stitch project! Growing up in my family required learning to cross stitch as a hobby. We all did it – even my two brothers. The family basket of embroidery floss and supplies was pretty much always in use. I am excited to reignite my passion. I can’t wait to show you How to Cross Stitch with this free topiary pattern. The biggest …

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Flower Polymer Clay Earrings DIY

Polymer Clay Earrings DIY Flowers

These glitter polymer clay earrings are easy to make and fabulous for gifts. .This polymer clay earrings DIY is great for beginners! When I found out that Sculpey had new Sculpey III GLITTER clay, I was ecstatic and excited to give it a try. The clay is so great to work with because it is soft and comes in such a great variety of colors. I love that it bakes …

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DIY Embroidered Sun Hat for Summer

DIY Embroidered Sun Hat Fashion Project

Handmade apparel is the best way to create exactly what you want for your wardrobe, like this embroidered summer hat! Summertime is great for being outdoors and spending time at the pool. However, it is always a good idea to protect the skin on your face from that direct sunlight. DIY hand-stitched hat is a perfect way to create exactly what message you want to share with everyone around you. …

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