DIY Clothing Tags Just in Case My Kid Gets Lost at Universal Orlando

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It happens!  Kids get lost.  These DIY clothing tags just in case a kid gets lost while visiting an amazing place like Universal Studios are simple to make and kind of fun too!


My kids range in age from ten to nineteen.  They all have cell phones.  The reality is that while they all have cell phones, they don’t always have them when they need them.  Kids can panic in situations that are stressful and getting lost in a theme park could definitely qualify as stressful.  Having an id tag tied to clothing could come in super handy.  My nineteen year old is an emergency contact for the little kids.  Truth, he would laugh at me (out loud) if I even suggested he wear an id tag.


To make these you can doodle up a design or download the printable I doodled…each tag measuring about 2 inches by 3 1/2 inches.  I cut a piece of card stock and on one side is the image (my kids colored these) and the other has my information.  I covered them with packing tape to laminate them and punched a hole in them to tie them on with ribbon.


I like Ron!


If you want the printable, you can grab it HERE for FREE!  I added a bookmark to the printable because READING is cool!  I have read all of the Harry Potter books, more than once!


The information that should be on the tag is simply YOUR name and phone number along with any special needs or medical conditions of your child.  You DO NOT need to put their name on the tag.  You don’t need to give strangers any reason to have your child think that they know who they are.

Here are my top three things to talk to your children about when visiting a theme park.

  1. If you get lost, find the nearest PARK EMPLOYEE and ask for help.
  2. If you get lost, do NOT talk to other park guests or go with them anywhere at all.
  3. If you get lost, try to stay CALM.  The park is prepared for lost kiddos and deals with it daily.

We can’t wait.  With these clothing tags, bookmarks and the matching journals, we are one step closer to our trip and counting days.  ELEVEN days to go…


If you simply want to COLOR, this coloring printable is right HERE.


The girls colored them and then I ran them over to Office Max to get the front and back cover laminated, page added to the middle and the whole thing bound.  They did if for $5.29 each.  WHAT a deal.  I added our itinerary to it…along with the puzzle sheets from past blogs; tic-tac-toe and DOTS pages for the plane ride; and both lined and unlined pages for journal writing and doodling.  They LOVE them!

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Cheers to Family Vacationing at Universal Orlando,


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