Hard Boiled Jack-O-Lantern Eggs for Halloween

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Hard Boiled Jack-O-Lantern Eggs for Halloween

These hard boiled Jack-O-Lantern eggs for Halloween are not only super cute but also filled with happy and protein.  Who says decorating eggs is just a springtime Easter thing?


McCormick makes food dye that mixed with vinegar and hot water creates the perfect combination for coloring eggs food safe.  The directions are right HERE.  I dyed them all orange (of course).


I let them dry.


Then I used my favorite Sharpie to add faces, turning them into Jack-O eggs.  I used the doodle ideas on the Jack-O Scavenger Hunt printable.  I created it so we could take the kids out walking in the neighborhood with a purpose…to find pumpkins carved like the ones in the hunt.  You can download it HERE for free!


Ta Da!!!


They are a part of this delicious Halloween meal!


Check out the banana ghosts!


My philosophy is Celebrate ALL the Things!

Happy Creating All Things Halloween,


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