DIY Dinosaur Eggs Best Science Activities for Kids

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Kids love a good adventure and digging into these eggs to find dinosaurs gives them just that. The eggs were much easier to make then I ever anticipated. I am thinking of all of the fun things that can be “hidden” inside. For this project I used dinos that I made myself from FastCast Resin.  I will share those details with you later in this post. But to get started, let’s make some DIY Dinosaur Eggs that I think is one of the best science activities for kids.

Materials and Supplies Needed for Eggs

These can be made using a variety of ingredients but I tested a few and found this mix to be the absolute best and most successful. Not only did they harden the fastest (48 hours) BUT they also were fun to dig into and didn’t just split in two. Here is the list of ingredients.

Directions to Make this Best Science Experiment for Kids Dinosaur Eggs

First, start by making some dinosaur fossils eggs. Start with 2 cups of flour in bowl and add the water. Mix it up into a sticky paste.

Second, add 1 cup of the cat litter into the bowl. Knead it until it is mixed in with your hands.

Third, add half of the clear glue to the clay litter-flour-water dough. Knead the glue completely in. This will make your fossils get harder when they dry.

Repeat the second and third steps and the the rest of the sand and then more glue. Your finished dough should be sticky. It needs to be wet enough to mold without falling apart while you make the eggs.

Now to make the eggs for this best science activities for kids idea. Form the dough into an egg shape about the size of an adult fist. Push the dinosaur into the middle as you go.

The fossil eggs need to dry for at least 48 the fossils sit and dry for 48 hours.

DIY Dinosaur Fossil Eggs

Excavating the Dinosaur Eggs

This is the most fun part for littles! There are lots of tools that you can use for this part of the project. Some of the things you might have around the house to use for excavating are:

  • Toothbrush
  • Q-Tips
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Craft Sticks

I found an awesome little kit that comes with tools too. Check it out.

Tools for Excavating Eggs Best Science Experiments for Kids

NOTE that you can BUY eggs with dinosaurs in them from MindWare Toys if you are looking for that kind of project. Grab them HERE on their website.]

Making the Eggs

Start by placing the egg on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. This will make for a much easier clean up. Let the kids start working their way into the center of the egg to find the dinosaur. This is one of the best science activities for kids from the making of the eggs to the excavation process!

Excavating Dinosaur Fossil Eggs Science Experiment

Once all of the eggs have been excavated and the dinosaurs cleaned up, use them to play, to learn and to have fun. Graphing dinosaurs is so exciting that I made you a free activity printable. Print and download it free.

Resin Dinosaurs

The resin dinosaurs in rainbow colors were SUPER EASY to make. I shared all of the deets with you in an earlier post.

DIY Math Manipulatives Resin Crafts Dinosaurs

You can use any little plastic or resin trinkets in the eggs. However, these goes great with the printable activities that focus on colors. You can grab the dinosaur sorting printable over with that tutorial.

You can get the COMPLETE SET of Early Learning Dinosaur Activities in my TPT STORE.

Early Learning Dinosaur Math Activities and Games

More Dinosaur Fun

If you are looking for more dinosaur crafts and printables, look no further. Grab a few more here on the blog!

Best Dinosaur Crafts and Printables for Kids

Best Ways to Use Free Printables

You might have seen this list from me before but I think it is worth sharing over and over. Sometimes the people in the back need to hear things a few times, right?  There are so many great ways to use free printables.  Here are some of my favorites.

  • Print them and mail in an envelope with a stamp. Snail mail rocks.
  • Batch some up to make an activity book.  This is great for a road trip!
  • Print and use at a place setting on the table to create a conversation starter.
  • Add them to goody bags.  By the way, goody bags are not just for birthday parties.
  • Package them up with your favorite markers and crayons to give as a gift.
  • Drop a few off at the local coffee shop with fun pencils to spread some happy.
  • Cut them up to make cards, gift wrap and decorations.
  • Use them in the best science activities for kids like this one.

BEST Tools For Working With Free Printables

These are my favorite tools and art supplies to use with free printables and why I love them too.

  1. Printer – This Laser Printer is inexpensive and works like a charm.  It even works with Alexa.  Bonus!
  2. Scissors – Lots of printables can be cut up to create decorations and cards and things like that.
  3. Markers and Crayons – All thing ooly work the best for me.  I LOVE all of their markers, pencils and crayons.
  4. Colored Pencils – For adult coloring, PRISM makes the colored pencils that I love to use most.
  5. Twine – For creating banners and garlands from printables, I love this twine best.
  6. Adhesive – Lots of printables have pieces that get cut out and put together.  This is my fave tape runner!

Too busy to make this right away?! Pin it for later!  Pin this project to your favorite craft board on Pinterest and it’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready.

DIY Fossil Dinosaur Eggs Best Science Activities for Kids

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Cheers to Resin Crafts and MATH and FREE Printables Too!


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