DIY Kentucky Derby Wreath

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I grew up in Kentucky and loved the festivities of the derby season.  From lunch parties and hat decorating to mocktails and racing, the weeks leading up to the first Saturday in May were always fun.  I am happy to share this darling DIY Kentucky Derby wreath with you.  It is a great project that is fairly inexpensive and simple to make, thanks to the awesome Oly*Fun material from Fairfield World.  This post is sponsored by Fairfield World but the ideas and opinions are my own.

DIY Run for the Roses Kentucky Derby Rose Wreath

Let’s start by making roses.  Oly*Fun is a great crafting material.  It is like a cross between fabric and paper.  It cuts like paper but works like fabric.  I love it because it is more durable than paper (as in doesn’t tear) and feels like fabric.  To make the roses you will need Oly*Fun in red and green, scissors, a circle template and hot glue.

Cut out circles from the red Oly*Fun.  The bigger they are, the larger the roses will be.

Cut the circles into spirals starting at the outside and going to the center, leaving about 1/4 inch in the middle uncut.

Start with the outside piece of the spiral and roll it up until you get to the center.  Once you are in the center, put a small puddle of hot glue in the center and press the rolled up rose into the glue.  Hold it for a few seconds to start drying before putting it down.

Next, add green Oly*Fun leaves to the roses.  Add the roses to a horseshoe to create your wreath.  I am guessing you don’t have a horseshoe so have created a template for you.  You can download and print it free.  Use it to cut one out of cardboard.  You can then either paint the cardboard or cover it with tinfoil.

Add green Oly*Fun leaves with hot glue first.

Add the roses with hot glue.

Punch holes in the top and tie raffia or ribbon to create a hanger.

Run for the Roses Kentucky Derby Wreath

The signature drink of the Kentucky Derby is the mint julep.  It is sweet and delicious and best with bourbon.  However, in the spirit of kids getting to celebrate too, this recipe is for a mint julep mocktail.  By using hot glue to attach an Oly*Fun rose to a straw, you get a darling decoration for the Run to the Roses.


Run like a racehorse to your local craft store and get the things you need so you can make these darling derby crafts!



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