DIY Windsocks from Recycled Containers

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This morning I had the pleasure of sharing these DIY Windsocks from Recycled Containers on FOX31 News Denver.  They are a great way to make something wonderful from a container that might otherwise go into the trash.  DecoArt makes Multi-Surface paint in a wide variety of amazing colors.  They are perfect for this project because they work great on cardboard, plastic, glass AND metal so no matter what container is being re-purposed; they will do the job!  This post is sponsored by DecoArt but the ideas and opinions are my own!

DIY Windsocks from Recycled Containers Craft Project

To make the windsocks, follow these steps.

  • Paint your container with DecoArt Multi-Surface paints.
  • Attach a handle to hang the container by punching holes in the sides and tying ribbon or strong through.
  • Attach ribbon or fabric to hang from the bottom of the container.  This can either be glued around the base or tied to the hanger at the top and pushed through and out the bottom.

These bugs are made from toilet paper tubes.

DIY Windsocks from Recycled Toilet Paper Tubes

This Laura Kelly signature (black with white polka dots) DIY windsock from recycled containers (aka mini Pringles) is my favorite.

DIY Windsock from Recycled Pringles Can

Tin cans work great too.  This was once a can of broth and is now a super darling starry night DIY windsock.

DIY Windsock from Recycled Soup Can

Zoe made this DIY windsock as a recycled craft project using the tube from the middle of a GIANT roll of bubble wrap!

DIY Windsock from Recycled Paper Tube

Check out the segment on FOX News!  I love hanging out early in the morning with Meaghan and Kirk!

Here are some photos from the newsroom!

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