Easy DIY Chair Makeover

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When I moved into my new townhouse, my sister-in-law Kelly gave me two AMAZING (but needing some love) chairs.  They have been sitting in my garage for several weeks while I’ve been pondering what to do with them.  I started to paint them but was uninspired by the chair seat covers and just couldn’t get past it.  Until yesterday!  Yesterday I got out my new and darling Oliso mini project iron.  I also got out a basket of fabric scraps and just looked at the two together for a bit while listening to Lauren Daigle on full blast.  Then it came to me.  At the brewery I love in Colorado they patched up some chairs for their tasting room.  I always think it is so fun when I go in there.  My chair covers didn’t have holes but rather stains.  I decided that this mini iron was the perfect tool to get my fabric scraps in order to stitch on to the covers. And so just like that, most of my day yesterday was dedicated to this easy DIY chair makeover.

Esay DIY Chair Makeover with Chalky Finish Paint, Hand Stitched Patches and Few Hours of Fun Creating Time

If you want to do an easy DIY Chair Makeover, here are the steps.  First, take off the covers off with a drill. Then, paint the chairs with DecoArt’s Chalky Finish paint.

Cut fabric scraps into small squares and rectangles.

Iron the fabric pieces with an Oliso Mini Project Iron.  It has an awesome base to keep it near as you work without burning anything up.  It is called a solemate which I find to be super clever.

Lay the fabric pieces out on CLEAN chair covers.

Pin the fabric pieces in place and stitch them on.

Use colored embroidery/craft floss like these fun colors from Coats and Clark.

Put the covers back on the chairs and drill the screws back in.  BOOM!  Iron over the entire surface with the Oliso Mini Project Iron.

How adorable is my new game table with these chairs?

How darling is this Oliso Mini Project Iron?  Do you want one?

If you want to win an AWESOME prize pack that includes the DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint, a Brush, fabric from Riley Blake AND a yellow Oliso Mini Project Iron, please enter.  You could do an Easy DIY Chair Makeover too!

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YAY!  Yay for Easy DIY Chair Makeover Projects and my Adorable Oliso Mini Project Iron!

PS:  Working with Chalky Finish Paint is a blast.  This homework station is another great easy DIY project.

How to Create a Homework Station

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