Easy String Art for Girl Scouts

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Create a darling piece of room decor and learn to hammer nails at the same time.

Easy String Art for Girl Scouts

This project is perfect for girls to create something adorable that can be used to decorate their rooms (or cabins/tents)! Twine works great for string art but yarn and craft floss also work as a less expensive alternative. The beads for adding names or troop numbers are optional.

Materials Needed for DIY String Art

  • Twine or Cord. The type you use depends on the look you want to create. I love the hemp cord because it works well and creates a beautiful finished look.  If you want something more delicate, try a thinner twine. I love Hemptique best because of the great colors and quality.
  • Nails.  Small, regular nails from the hardware store work great.  Just make sure they have a large enough head on them to keep the cord from slipping off the tops when stringing.
  • A surface. Wood is my favorite option.  You can use wood that is plain like a board, or you can use painted, wood and/or covered in felt or cloth.
  • Pattern. The easiest way to make a pattern is to use thin paper. I recommend parchment paper.
  • Craft Hammer.The smaller size comes in really handy for this project.
  • Scissors. Smaller scissors are easier for getting in to the nailed areas to trim cord.
  • FREE PATTERN – Download Below

Easy String Art Directions

The wooden surface for the project can be painted if desired. For this example, I added a thin coat of white paint to the board.

Step One

Start with a pattern. There are three different sizes of trefoils in this free download.  Cut around the printed pattern of the trefoil (using whichever size works best on your choice of wood surfaces.

Step Two

Next, nail the pattern to the wooden surface, spreading the nails apart between 1/2 inch to an inch. 

The final designs will look very different depending on how far apart the nails are placed. Make sure nails are placed in the points where the outline of the pattern has an indent to keep the shape.

Remove the paper from the project.

Step Three

Tie the end of the twine around one of the nails in a double knot then trim off the excess. If using anything that is slippery – add a little dollop of clear nail polish to secure

Step Four

Wrap the twine around the outside of the trefoil design. When wrapping, loop around nails at the points necessary to keep the shape.

Step Five

Wrap the twine around the nails tightly – creating a pretty pattern. Use as many layers as desired to get the prettiest look desired.

Once you are happy with your project, tie off in a double knot around a nail. Again, add nail polished to secure if using a slippery cord.

Step Six

Add beads on a stand of twine, tied to two nails on opposite sides of the trefoil to personalize your project. Letter beads could also be used to add names.

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