Fantastic Beasts Printable Fun and How to Craft Them

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Fantastic Beasts Printable Fun and How to Craft Them

We pretty much LOVED the prequel movie to the popular Harry Potter series, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  The beasts fascinated us with their unique qualities and personalities.   If you haven’t seen it yet, it is basically the adventures of Newt Scamander (a writer) in New York’ City’s secret community of magical beings.  It takes place seventy years before Harry Potter reads his book while a student at Hogwarts. There is a great Fantastic Beasts printable for a pattern here as well as one to color and a word search too!

Fantastic Beasts Printable FREE and DIY Ideas

Directions to Make a Felt Niffler

Newt’s sidekick beast is a Niffler with the magic power to find treasure.  We made this one with Kunin Premium felt and a little stitching.  We even created a free pattern for you so you can make one.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Sew the body first, stitching the legs into the body as you go
  2. Next, Fill it withh Poly-Pellets to make it like a bean bag.  The new easy pour & store Poly-Pellets make it so easy peasy.
  3. Then, stitch the head, stitching the ears into it.
  4. Stuff the head with Poly-Fil.
  5. Add eyes with felt and sew the head to the body.   

Nifflers are treasure finders so of course they love gold.  This golden snack mix is cereal covered with Wilton’s gold mist and gold candies.

How to Make a Bowtruckle

The Bowtruckles are so fun.  We made this one out of Sculpey’s Bake Shop clay.  Bowtruckles are known to live in wand trees.  Newt has one of his own named Pickett.

How to Make a Snidgen

Snidgets are rare birds that were originally used in the game Quidditch.  Due to conservation efforts, they were replaced with snitches to mimick their fast moves and golden color.  We created this one by making a giant pom-pom.  The wings and beak are felt.

Fantastic Beasts Printable Coloring Sheet

I have created a fun coloring sheet for you of some of my favorite creatures.  You can download it free and color away.

Free Fanstastic Beasts Printable Coloring Fun

I also created a word find puzzle of the some of the creatures.  Good luck solving it. The names of the magical creatures are so fabulous but quite unique as well. This Magical Best Printable is free too. Download it and have some fun.

Fantastic Beasts Printable Word Search Puzzle

Cheers to Harry Potter and the Entire Magical Wizarding World!


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  1. Cute! My kids aren’t into Harry Potter (yet) and we haven’t seen this movie, but I will certainly save this post for future reference.
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