FIFTEEN awesome ways to Use Self Inking Stamps from Expressionery

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Designing stamps for Expressionery is ALMOST as much fun as designing stationery.  Truth is, I am a lover of all things paper…books, journals, note pads, note cards, wrapping paper, paper crafts, etc.  Here are fifteen awesome ways to use self inking stamps from Expressionery to create some fun!

My favorite here is probably the bubble gum balls.  I handed these out at CHA in January and they spread smiles all around.  I think it is the combination with the bright happy colors.

This stamp rocks but so does the mini egg casserole.  You can find out how to make itHERE!

And these Earth Day treats in recycled jars….adorable and so good for the world too!

Whatever you do, I am sure you give.  When you give…it is so fun to attach a little handmade love with a gift tag made from a self inking stamp.  To see my whole collection with Expressionery, visit their website.


But always know that my first true love product is stationery (and with my family on it I love it best!).  It is time for me to reorder because we added a couple of pets!

Happy Creating and Giving and Writing,


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