Football Shaped DIY Beanbags

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Make your own beanbags to create darling decor and also party games!

Football Shaped Beanbags DIY Free PDF Pattern

Whether you are making football shaped beanbags for decorations or to use in games, these easy to follow directions work perfectly. Beanbags can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes so use this tutorial to create and make beanbags for all seasons and themes. They are perfect for putting on a tiered tray. Beanbags are also great to use with kids at home and at school. I will share lots of ideas after the directions to make them so keep reading.

Materials and Supplies

My Favorite Sewing Supply List

These are the sewing supplies that I keep on hand at all times. They get used over and over again and again in so many of my projects.

Directions for DIY Beanbags

Start by choosing a fabric. Felt is durable and washable so it is a go-to for so many projects. It can be bought in small sheets and also “by the yard” at most craft stores.

Step One

Cut out two (a front and a back) footballs using the free pattern for EACH beanbag.

Step Two

Cut five pieces of white twine 1 about 3 inches long and 4 others about 1.5 inches long.

Sew white ribbon for the football “ties” onto the front piece of felt using the ZIG ZAG stitch and guiding the twine through the machine by hand. Then, trim all of the loose ends.

Step Three

Pin the two football pieces (right sides facing OUT). The more pins that get used, the more likely that the fabric or felt will not shift while being stitched.

Step Four

Sew around the edge of the football leaving as little seam as possible. Use a ZIG ZAG stitch for best results. Leave a 2-3 inch opening at the bottom of the beanbag for filling.

Step Five

Fill the football shape with Poly-Pellets. Poly-Pellets are 100% polypropylene weighted stuffing material that adds the flexibility necessary to shape soft crafts into lifelike positions. All pellets have a smooth edge with an oval contour to create a uniform fill.

Leave a little space when filling because the football will have to be sewn closed.

Step Six

Pin the opening to hold the Poly-Pellets inside while sewing it closed. This can be done on the machine or by hand.

FREE PDF Pattern

Grab the free football pattern. It is great for making beanbags but can also be used for all different kinds of crafting!


  1. Place a bean bag in front of a working student who is demonstrating good work habits (quiet, on task, etc.)  Move it around as fitting.
  2. Tape a number to the bottom of the bag. Everyone says a number. The one closest to the number gets to do a special job (line leader, wash brushes, etc.)
  3. Pass the bean bag around while in a circle.  Each student shares one thing when they have the bean bag that relates to your current lessons.  Once they have gone, they stand up.
  4. Place photos of the students on the floor.   Children take turns tossing the bag on a picture. Then they have to say three nice things about the student in the photo.
  5. Use the beanbag like musical chairs in a circle.
  6. Send the beanbag home each night with a different student and a journal.  Have them write about a special place in their room where they kept the beanbag over night.
  7. Make a number board and have the students toss three bean bags onto the board and add up the numbers they land on.
  8. Use the beanbag to hold down papers that are handed in for homework.
  9. Estimate the weights of the beanbags then weigh them and compare numbers.
  10. Make a list of all the things that could be used to fill a beanbag.

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More Football Printable Fun

Grab this whole set of fun free football printables!

DIY Beanbags with FREE PDF Football Pattern for Home Decor and Game Playing #diybeanbags #polypellets #laurakellydesigns

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