Giant Apple for the Teacher

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When your kiddo has a great teacher, it is such a gift.  It is a gift that will last a lifetime for your child.  This giant apple for the teacher is a fantastic way to thank them for all they do.  You can fill it with special goodies that fit your special person.  The wrap is made from oly*fun and because it is not glued or taped, it is totally reusable in the classroom.  This post is sponsored by Fairfield World but the ideas and opinions are my own.

Giant Apple Gift Wrap for Teacher Classroom Appreciation

To make this giant apple for the teacher, you will need the following supplies.

Start by cutting out two big leaves from green oly*fun.

Gather the bottoms and glue the gather.  Hold it with a clothespin until glue is dry.

Roll brown felt into a tube (stem) and glue along edge to adhere.

Glue leaves to stem.

To create the body of the giant apple for the teacher, cut 3 pieces of oly*fun (RED) about 12 inches wide by 60 inches long. Line up in the centers.

Place your gift in the middle.  It helps to put it in a basket first.

Pull the strips up around the top of the gift and tie with red ribbon.

Trim the top off down to about two inches over the red ribbon.  Loosen the ribbon to stick the stem down in the center then pull tight and knot.  Tie the gift tag to the ribbon.

The gift tag works best if you punch a bunch of holes in it to create a large opening for ribbon.

You can download the tag FREE!

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Cheers to Appreciating Teachers,


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