DIY Teacher Appreciation Tags for BRIGHT Supplies

These BRIGHT happy teacher appreciation gifts are perfect for giving any time of year. While gifts are mostly given to teachers for Christmas, Teacher Appreciation Week and end of year, I think every day is perfect.  Teacher Appreciation Week is in May! You know, the week when kiddos bring in things for their teachers to show them how loved they are.  I taught school AND I have four kiddos so …

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Teacher Appreciation Note Cards

Personalized Teacher Note Cards from Laura Kelly Designs

Teacher Appreciation Note Cards It is almost that time of year again when we come together to let our teachers know how grateful we are for them!  You can order these teacher appreciation note cards RIGHT NOW for 40% OFF  in my online store!  This is a great deal that I do once a year.  Teacher appreciation note cards are special because they are personalized AND consumable.  If you ask …

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Stitchable Felt Christmas Ornament

DIY Apple for the Teacher Gift Card Ornament with Stitchable Felt

Tis the season to show appreciation to the teachers for all of their dedication and hard work so far this school year,  This darling stitchable felt Christmas ornament is a perfect handmade gift that even has a pocket for an added gift card or letter.  Because the felt is premade with holes for stitching, it easy to personalize the ornament to add the year, the teacher’s name or a special …

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Five Awesome Teacher Gift Ideas

With Back to School comes the start of a new relationship, most of the time with a new teacher.  Some teachers are simply amazing and deserve to be treated to the best of gifts for the holidays and Teacher Appreciation.  As my kids have been growing up, I have been know to send it gifts at random times for no reason other than I respect the job that the teachers …

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Random Acts of Kindness For a School Staff

Teacher Staff Random Acts of Kindness Challenge Board

Spreading kindness around a school staff can really support the overall morale and energy which ultimately support relationships.  I spent the weekend with my principal friend working on some awesome projects for Back to School.  We worked on creating a Random Acts of Kindness for a School Staff challenge to kick off the new year before the kiddos even come back.  It came out super fun so I am totally …

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15 Easy Handmade Teacher Gift Ideas

The school year is coming to an end and it’s time to create handmade teacher gifts for the classroom leaders that you love.  Handmade teacher gifts show that you care a whole bunch, enough to put your creativity to use and make an original masterpiece as a way to say thank you.  I have gathered up over 15 easy DIY teacher gift ideas for you to choose from.  Keep in …

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Teacher Appreciation Gift

The second school week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week!  It is usually filled with gift giving, staff treats and such.  This teacher appreciation gift card is a great addition to any teacher appreciation gift. It is so simple to make thanks to the awesome and amazing Xyron Mega-Runner.  The adhesive is easy to work with and holds paper crafts together like a charm.  This post is sponsored by Xyron …

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Paint an Outdoor Birdhouse

How to Paint an Outdoor Birdhouse With springtime in the air and birds chirping loud enough in the mornings to wake a person up, it is the perfect time to paint an outdoor birdhouse.  I am really excited about this project for two reasons, well really three.  First of all, I made the birdhouse at the home show in Denver using recycled wood, like with a hammer and nails.  Second, …

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DIY Boho Teacher Container with an Apple Wand

DIY Boho Containers with Apple Wands for Teacher Appreciation Gift

Making handmade gifts is special and allows the maker an opportunity to create something unique.  This DIY Boho Teacher Container with an Apple Wand is especially awesome because it so colorful and cheery.  I am pretty much a fan of all things Bohemian so this was kind of super fun to make.  The trims in the project were sent to me from Expo International to use in a project of …

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Giant Apple for the Teacher

When your kiddo has a great teacher, it is such a gift.  It is a gift that will last a lifetime for your child.  This giant apple for the teacher is a fantastic way to thank them for all they do.  You can fill it with special goodies that fit your special person.  The wrap is made from oly*fun and because it is not glued or taped, it is totally …

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