DIY Giant Gnome Pillow Beginner Sewing Project

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DIY Giant Gnome Pillow Beginner Sewing Project

This gnome pillow holiday decorations was ridiculously easy peasy to whip up today.  I had this fear that is was going to be hard but oh my gosh, not so much.  It took about an hour from start to finish and I am super excited to share the directions with you.  If you are following along as a regular reader then you know that I am pretty obsessed with gnomes this Christmas.  This one is definitely a quick favorite.  This post is sponsored by Fairfield World but the ideas and opinions are my own.

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Material Needed for DIY Giant Gnome Pillow

You will need the following materials and supplies to make this gnome pillow.

Directions for DIY Giant Gnome Pillow

Start by assembling your pillow front.  Cut out a 16 inch by 18 inch piece of fabric for the gnome bottom and a 16 inch wide by however high you want your hat to be.  If it is longer than the pillow, you will need to back the extra with felt.

Cut out a 16 inch wide beard that fits on the bottom part of the pillow from a fur fabric or white felt.

Sew the beard in between the bottom piece of fabric and the hat so that when it is turned out, the beard hangs on the bottom.

If your hat is going to be taller than your pillow, back it with felt at this point.

Pin your pillow front to your back with the sides you want showing at the end faciing each other.  You are going to sew along the hat line so pin there, NOT on the outside piece of the back.  Be sure to tuck your beard and your extra hat way into the middle to sew them in properly.   Sew around the edges, leaving the bottom open to insert the pillow.  Flip your pillow out then insert the pillow, stuffing it to fit into the triangle of the hat.  Sew the bottom closed either by hand or on the machine.  Then make a nose.

Stitch loosely around your felt circle then pull it a little to create a pocket.  Put a handful of PolyFil inside and pull the stitching tight then tie it closed.

Hand sew the nose to the gnome.  Ta Da!

To give you an idea of size, I took a photo with our big Australian Shepherd.

I love it.  I found out today from a follower on Facebook a little more about this guy.   Christine D shared the following.  I am Nowegian American and they are called Jule Nisse(Christmas elves). Santa isn’t big thing but Nisse can hide every where.”

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My Favorite Sewing Supply List

These are the sewing supplies that I keep on hand at all times. They get used over and over again and again in so many of my projects.

So, yay for gnomes, giant decorations AND learning new things.

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