Halloween Monster Toss Game with a Printable Score Card

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Halloween Monster Toss Game with a Printable Score Card

I LOVE sharing Halloween ideas. Creating a Halloween series is just my favorite.  This is the fourth project this week on the blog and I hope you think it rocks as much as I do.  This Halloween monster toss game with a printable score card creates a way for kids (of all ages) to bond and grow over their favorite spooky creatures.  There are six creatures in this version but gosh, so many more could be added.  Beanbag tosses are fun for tiny kids to the elderly.  I mean, really…who isn’t excited about throwing around beanbag bats, witches and ghosts for points.  This post is sponsored by Fairfield World but the ideas and opinions are my own.  The primary material in this making of this game is Oly*Fun, manufactured and sold by Fairfield World.  You can get it at your local craft store.

Let’ start with a supply list!

Directions for Halloween monster toss game

Step One

To make the game board, I cut twelve inch squares in six colors, cutting two of each color.  I sewed them together using a zig-zag stitch like a quilt to create the six different sections.

Step Two

Next, I made the bean bags.  By using twelve by eighteen inch pieces of Oly*Fun, it works perfect to start with six inch squares for these as there will be a twelve by six inch piece left from making the game board in each color.  The colors need to match the game board for play.   Using these squares and other Oly*Fun scraps, cut out pieces to create the following creatures.

This printable sketch might be helpful when creating bean bags.

The pieces are so colorful all together in this stage before sewing.

Step Three

Sew the pieces that need to go on the front FIRST, then sew the bean bag around the edges (zig-zag stitch), leaving an opening for the Poly-Pellets, another awesome product from Fairfield World.  Fill the bean bags half way then sew closed completely.  If you leave the opening for filling about 2 inches wide, the pourable Poly Pellets work great!

BAM, you have the game ready.  All that is needed now is the scoring card.  It is a free printable which makes it easy peasy.  The printable also comes with a point sheet and a coloring page for extra fun.


  • Set the game board between ten and thirty feet from the toss line.  Make it closer for little kids.
  • Take turns.  Each turn a player gets to toss all six bean bags and then add up their score.
  • Play to either a designated number or for a designated number of turns.

If a bean bag has more than one color and lands in these multiple colors, all points get scored.  For example, if the witch lands in black and both greens, all three points get scored.

This is a great activity for a Halloween Classroom Party Game or a family game night.

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14 thoughts on “Halloween Monster Toss Game with a Printable Score Card”

  1. I’ve never heard of Oly*Fun! Is it vinyl-ish?

    These could be super cute out of felt! I would LOVE to do them with my Girl Scout troop for the “making games” badge, but to my horror, they informed me last night they HATE sewing! Maybe we could use hot glue? Lol!

  2. I’ll have to find some Oly Fun – this game looks like so much fun! I’m a speech therapist, plus a mom and Girl Scout leader and I would get so much use out of it!! ?

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