Layered Cherry Bloody Eyeball Drink

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Layered Cherry Bloody Eyeball Drink

It is the second post in my 2017 Halloween series sharing ways to DIY, cook and craft your own festive ways to celebrate.  This layered cherry bloody eyeball drink is a sure hit for a Halloween party.  It is strategically made to layer the colors as well as the liquid, ice and cherries.  This recipe can be made with alcohol (just add vodka) or served as a mocktail drink for kiddos.  It goes great with snacks and also with sweets.  I think it would be a fun drink to serve before going trick-or-treating or even when they get home and are sorting loads of candy.

Directions for Layered Cherry Bloody Eyeball Drink

Creating fun cocktails, mocktails and snacky treats for the holidays is a fun way to celebrate. Using cherries is always such a good ideas because they are festive in and of themselves.

Here are the tricks to layering the drink.  Start by filling your glass up 2/3 of the way with crushed ice.

Add a layer of cut up CherryMan maraschino cherries.

Add a thin layer of crushed ice on top now to hold the cherries in place. This is an important step.

Add your liquids.  I recommend 3 TBSP of CherryMan Cherry Syrup (sinks to the bottom because it is super sugary) and then fill with either Sprite or seltzer water (depending how sweet you want it to be).  Add your plastic eyeball and straw decorations as well as an extra cherry on top!  Ta Da!  If you use a sugary drink like Sprite, the layers will not last long.

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Cheers to Fancy and Festive (and Bloody Eyeball Cherry) Treats,





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