Harry Potter Broom Pencils

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Harry Potter Broom Pencils

Harry Potter Broom Pencils

Let’s Make Harry Potter Broom Pencils

Material Needed:

Directions to make Harry Potter Broom Pencils

Start by cutting a piece of the deli paper 12 inches by 3 inches in size.  Deli paper works best because it has a coating that will help make the paper roll easier and the broom top last longer without ripping.

Put a line of Therm-O-Web Easy Tear Tape along the entire length of your cut paper.

Cut fringe the entire length the paper up to about 1/4 inch from the tape line.

Peel the backing off of the tape.

Roll the paper on to the pencil, leaving a bit of room so when the fringe is pushed back, the eraser can still be used.  

The tape is PERFECT for this.  It is flexible while being super strong.

Once wrapped, add some wrapped twine to finish it up.

My Co-host, Meg (Makeable Crafts) is sharing this today on her blog for the second day of Creative Crafts Harry Potter Edition.

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Amy Latta is a Harry Potter fan and friend.  Over on Amy Latta Creations, she is sharing this cut file you can use to make all kinds of fun gifts and party favors.

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