Holster Brands for Christmas

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Not long ago I was at the Pinners Conference in Salt Lake City and ran into the fun of Holster Brands.  I am so excited to share this awesome product with you and a couple of ways that I use it in my creative life!  I love that it is a privately owned company and that the product was developed by a mom with three kiddos with an INCREDIBLE story.   This post is sponsored but the ideas and opinions are my own.

Holster Brands for Christmas

These silicone organizers adhere to any smooth, non porous surtface by eliminating the air between them.  They are so great for crafty organization.  This one (Hobby Holster) is designed to perfectly fit a glue gun AND extra glue sticks.  This solves all kinds of crafty drama!

Holster Hobby

The glue gun came in super handy while making these home ornaments in Girl Scouts!

Holster Brands House

It comes in tons of colors too!  Here are some from the website to choose from!

Holster Brands

I LOVE this one too.  It was great for holding paint brushes but also works great for baking tools.  This is awesome for me because this house doesn’t have a ton of counter space.

Holster Baking

You can buy them online or in tons of stores around you like Target and JoAnn’s.  You can even enter to win a PRIZE PACK of Holsters and Laura Kelly 2017 Calendars right here on the blog!

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I am totally crushing on how Rina from Mothership Scrapbook Gal uses her Holster Brand products in her CREATE Studio.  Find out more about her thoughts HERE.


Michelle from Michelle’s Party Plan-Its is using hers to keep her wrapping station organized.  I LOVE this.  I always lose my scissors in the wrapping mess.  Not Anymore.  Check out her post HERE.


Cheers to Awesome Holiday Gifts,


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