Hot Glue Beaded Pumpkins

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These hot glue beaded pumpkins are a fabulous way to create a darling handmade holiday decoration or gift.  I love how they look delicate but they are sturdy.  Decorating for the holidays is a big thing in my house.  I love getting out the stuff from years gone by and making new things to add to the collection.  These came out so darling that I think we are going to make them in Girl Scouts with different little designs!

They take merely minutes to make which makes them super perfect for this addition of Craft Lightning.

I am excited about this project because I have had these tiny beads for decades (literally) just waiting to be used.

Here are the easy peasy steps.

  1. Make a hot glue circle blog on a cookie sheet.
  2. Cover the blog in tiny orange beads.
  3. When the glue is cooled, add a little hot glue stem.
  4. Cover the stem with tiny green beads.
  5. When the glue is cool, peel it off.
  6. Glue the pumpkin to a glass container to make a votive holder.

Ta Da!

The two girls who host craft lightning have a new book out on the market featuring lots of great ways to use hot glue in creative projects called Hot Glue Hacks and Crafts.  I am excited to have my own copy.  You can grab a copy on Amazon with my affiliate link.

Cheers to Pumpkins, to Hot Glue and to Successful Friends!

PS:  Wondering what hot glue gun to get???  This is my fave.

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