How to Create an Effective Homework Station With Wine Crates

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How to Create an Effective Homework Station With Wine Crates

Sometimes the hardest part of getting homework done for kids is in the organization of their “things”.  You can easily create an effective homework station that includes kid input and decision making.  Because it includes painting, kids can even choose their own color scheme for their space.  Keep in mind, the parent does not have to like the colors.  What matters for it to be effective is that the kid loves it and gets excited about the station.  To create an effective homework station to share with you, I used Chalky Finish paint from DecoArt.   I love it because one good coat and BOOM, your surface is covered.  This post is sponsored by DecoArt but the ideas and opinions are my own.

How to Create an Effective Homework Station with Repurpsoed Furniture

Supplies Needed

To paint the wood pieces to create a effective homework station, you will need the following supplies and materials.

Directions to Make a Homework Station

The American Decor Brush (2″ Flat) is perfect for this size of a project.  The bristles are soft and perfect for applying the Chalky Finish chalk paint.  Restoring old furniture pieces is a breeze when using the right stuff!

Remove all fixtures from the desk and take out all drawers.

Make sure your surface is clean and dry.  Paint an even coat of the Chalk Finish onto your wood.

For wine crates that have never been painted, a coat of a white or cream color first is a suggestion.

Once the paint is completely dry, add the Americana Decor Wax Creme.  It will help protect your project with a clear, water-based wax that offers a creamy consistency unlike other solid waxes on the market.

Once everything is dry, put your fixtures back on and insert drawers.  Ta Da!

The homework station will need the necessary supplies.  It might be used as a work station BUT it might also be used for a supply storage center too.  Either way, it will help create successful students.  To create adorable and amazing storage containers from recycled items, check out this post from a few days ago!

Extreme Sheen Metallic Painted School Supply Organization Containers

When FOX News Denver asked me to share the Homework Station on air, I created a new version since the one I made in North Carolina was still in North Carolina.  I decided to create one in pink and gray that I could then give to my friend’s daughters for a Back to School gift.  I used a stencil this time and shared those details in a different post!  Check it out HERE!

How to Create a Homework Station

Cheers to Doing Whatever It Takes to Support Successful Learning!


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