How to Make Scrappy Tags From Recycled Boxes

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 How to Make Scrappy Tags From Recycled Boxes

There is nothing quite so satisfying as using recycled items like grocery item boxes and turning them into beautiful tags. This ridiculously fun project is a great one for using up extra remnants of fabric and leftover pieces of ribbon and trim. E6000 Extreme Tack makes is so simple and fun to make scrappy tags that are happy. The tags turn any treat into a perfectly adorable gifty that is perfect for a birthday, holiday or a porch drop.

Material Needed to Make Scrappy Tags from Recycled Boxes

Supplies Scrappy Tags

Instructions to Make Scrappy Tags from Recycled Boxes

Step One

Download and print the free pattern for the tags.

Use it to cut tags out of the back side of recycled boxes.

Step Two

Cut and prep for your tags. To do this, cut letters from recycled magazines and have them ready to spell words and create messages on the tags. Using a mini muffin tin for organizing letters is a great tool for making this process have structure.

Step Three

Apply dots or lines of E6000 Extreme Tack on the tags in the places where ribbons, fabric and trim are to be placed.  Once the Extreme Tack is applied, allow it 8 hours to dry for the best results. 

Step Four

After that “dry” time, the adhesive will be tacky and perfect for placing ribbon, trims, fabric and even buttons. These pieces are easily repositionable so the placement is fun and easy to rearrange. After 72 hours, the adhesive is permanent.

Step Five

Punch a hole in the tag and tie ribbon through the hole using a hole puncher. Shaped punches are a lot of fun.

Step Six

Tie the tag to a fun item to give as a gifty. It is such a fun way to use recycled cereal boxes and recycled magazines to create something festive.

How to Make a Scrappy Tag From Recycled Boxes

We made a TON of tags and put them on all the things. Check them all out on Team Creative Crafts Instagram in our fun reel!

This one is my favorite of all!

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Another Fun Use for E6000 Extreme Tack

We made resin gingerbread people that are so adorable. After applying the Extreme Tack to the back of them and letting it “dry” overnight, they make the perfect addition to a scrappy bow on a gift. Gifts wrapped in recycled store bags are my favorite kind.

E6000 Extreme Tack

E6000 Extreme Tack is a great adhesive to sue for many different kids of projects and purposes. It is a great way to create dots that hold things in place around the house, in your wardrobe and also for crafty fun. E6000 is:

  • 14x stronger than adhesive dots
  • Excellent on all types of fabric and just about any substrate
  • Remains tacky after drying
  • Make adhesive dots or lines of any size
  • Dries clear, acid-free, washable

More Adorable Tags

For more adorable tag ideas, visit Lindsay at Artsy Fartsy Mama and Beth at Creatively Beth!

How to Make Scrappy Tags

Cheers And Happy Scrappy Tag Love,


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