BEST Ways to Use Vinyl Stickers

Best Ways to Use Vinyl Sticker Laura Kelly Designs

Vinyl Stickers are a GREAT way to customize and personalize ALL the things! There is just something about Vinyl Stickers that makes me smile! If you’re like me, you have some favorites that you have been saving for just the right place to put them! I feel like this is kind of like saving an awesome outfit for the perfect day, but then you end up growing out of it, …

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Stamped Tissue Paper Kindness Craft Idea

Spreading kindness through the gift of sprinkles in decorative jars is my jam. These stamped tissue paper decorations are perfect and so easy. I have had so much fun using the two stamp sets that I designed for Therm-O-Web. This project is definitely one of my favorites. It is such a joy to spread happy through the giving of little kindness gifts when I am out and about in the …

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Painted Rocks for Valentines Day Crafting

How to Paint Kindness Rocks

Painted Rocks for Valentines The darling rocks also make adorable little gifts to give to friends and family.  I love that the Multi-Surface paints from DecoArt don’t require any topcoat so once the rocks are painted, they are ready to go.  Of course you could use any paints to make these including paint pens and markers. The designs can be simple or complicated. The idea of this activity is to …

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How to Make Scrappy Tags From Recycled Boxes

DIY Scrappy Tags From Recycled Boxes #recycledgifttags #diygifttags #scrappybow #e6000 #extremetack

 How to Make Scrappy Tags From Recycled Boxes There is nothing quite so satisfying as using recycled items like grocery item boxes and turning them into beautiful tags. This ridiculously fun project is a great one for using up extra remnants of fabric and leftover pieces of ribbon and trim. E6000 Extreme Tack makes is so simple and fun to make scrappy tags that are happy. The tags turn any …

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Extraordinary Lunchbox Notes

Extraordinary Lunchbox Notes Sprinkle Kindness

Extraordinary Lunchbox Notes My new book, Kindness on Purpose, has matching little lunchbox notes that are super adorable.  My design team and I came up with some fun ways to use them to spread kindness like crazy.  We turned them into extraordinary lunchbox notes using foil from Therm-O-Web to make them shiny and bright.  I love how easy it is to attach one of the notes to a goody and …

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Random Acts of Kindness – Kindness on Purpose Book and Ideas

Random Acts of Kindness – Kindness on Purpose Book and Ideas I spend most of my life doing my best to be a leader in the kindness game.  I’m so very grateful for the opportunity to share my soul with you guys here on my blog and now in a book with corresponding products thanks to PaperSalt.  This began when I started working on the watercolor illustrations for this book …

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Happy Tags Printables for Easy Gift Ideas

Happy Tags for Creating Easy Gift Giving Ideas

Happy Tags Printables for Easy Gift Ideas This is my third round of Happy Tags Printables for Easy Gift Ideas and I love them all so much.  I am so thrilled that so many of you are using them to spread the gift of kindness, giving and love.  I can’t wait to see what you create with this batch! Free Printable Gift Tags are so great for making quick and …

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Easy Sew BE KIND Pillow

Easy Sew Be Kind Pillow

Easy Sew BE KIND Pillow The world is a crazy place and kindness is the best way I know of to spread peace.  This easy sew kindness pillow comes together in about an hour and creates a practical and adorable addition to one of my favorite pieces of furniture, my bed.  I love the way it looks against the quilt my mom got me in the Appalachian Mountains when I …

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Be Kind Handmade Cards

Be Kind Handmade Card DIY

Kindness matters.  It is free and it makes the biggest difference of anything I’ve known.  These Be Kind handmade cards are super adorable and easy peasy to make.  They are fun to send to friends and also as thank you notes.  I don’t know about you but I LOVE getting cards in the mailbox.  This post is sponsored by Xyron, the makers of the Creative Station, but the ideas and …

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Breast Cancer Patient Heart Shaped Pillows

These breast cancer patient heart shaped pillows are perfect for post-surgery to place under the arm and provide comfort.  They are also great to support sleeping in the hospital.  Mostly though, they spread kindness and love through the act of service and giving to others.  I am happy to share the pattern here FREE so you can make them too.  I am finishing up 50 pillows this week to take …

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