Make a Luna Lovegood Sleep Mask

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I LOVE all things Harry Potter, well except maybe a few of the Slytherin characters.  I have read the books more than once and watched all of the movies bunches of times.  My favorite character of all is hands down Luna Lovegood.  She is just so fabulous.  She believes in magic and has special glasses called Spectre Specs to help find and see magical creatures.  I whipped up a sleep mask with Kunin Felt to wear and hopefully promote dreaming about magical createus like wrackspurts and blibbering humdingers.  The sleep mask is a no sew project so great for crafters of all levels and ages.  This post is sponsored by Kunin Felt but the ideas and opinions are my own.

Luna Lovegood Sleep Mask DIY Spectre Specs

To create the Luna Lovegood sleep mask you will need to the following materials and supplies.

Start by tracing your hand at the edge of the orange felt piece.

Fold the felt in half.  Add a half circle to the hand into the fold.  Cut in the fold and open to create the base of the Luna Lovegood face mask spectre specs.  Cut pieces from the other colors of felt to add character to the sleep mask.

Glue the pieces to the felt base of the Luna Lovegood sleep mask with FabriTac glue.  It is awesome because it dries fast.

Flip the mask over and glue the ribbon pieces to create a method of tying the mask around the head.

You can also tie the mask on to a Luna Lovegood pillow!

Luna Lovegood Sleep Mask on Pillow

If you want to make the pillow, you can get the directions HERE on the blog.

If you too are a Luna Lovegood fanatic, you might also be interested in my project with the free paper doll printable.

Luna Lovegood Paper Doll Printable Activity FREE Download

YAY for All Things Harry Potter (and Luna Lovegood too)!



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