Mother’s Day Travel Bag Gift

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It’s true.  I am THAT mom.  I can usually be found with sprinkles, cherries and art supplies in my purse.  There are times that they are considered necessary in my life.  Like the time we went for ice cream to celebrate good choices and they had NO sprinkles.  Mommy to the rescue.  This Mother’s Day Travel Bag Gift is a great way to cheer up a mom friend or two or more…


It is pretty simple.  Gather up your things for the bag.  Start with the stuff that most moms have.  Because after all, we are taught that moms should be prepared for injury and illness.


Then get your creative fun brain working.  Add things that make Mom’s purse capable of kid magic.  You know your friends and their kiddos.  Make is personal and add things that you know they will flip about.  Or if you have a mom who you have to give a gift to buy she’s not your favorite, maybe add some silly sting and nerf guns.  Ohhhhh, that was bad!  FYI, I get my sprinkles in perfect colors at Bakers Party Shop.  And these CHERRIES are amaze balls.  They are from Cherry Man and they are HEALTHY.


Put it all in a bag and add the poem.  Customize your bag to make it special for the mommy you love!


You can get the poem as a FREE printable HERE.  I wrote it with intention of it being spread like crazy sauce.


I am curious, what would you add to bags that you made as gifts like this?  Please comment and share.  Maybe I’ll write another poem.

Cheers to Celebrating Mom and Supporting Them To Be Magical,


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