My Little Crocheted Witch Friend

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Meet my little crocheted witch friend that arrived in a box on my front porch on Thursday evening.  I opened the box and about did flips when out of the bubble wrap emerged this adorable, green, darling little witch.  My new friend that I made through social media (I know, crazy, right?!@??!), Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me made her for me.  It was sort of a crafty friend exchange.  I doodled her and mailed it and then this…

Witch Close Up

I took her outside for a photo shoot with the BUNCHES of little yarn balls that were also in the box.  It is like she is a witch that wants to travel over the rainbow!


I am fairly certain that Sarah made this pattern.  She does that you know.  Check out her awesomeness on her blog Repeat Crafter Me HERE!  If you are too busy to blog jump, I am happy to share one if of my favorite projects from her blog right here right now!  The greatest thing is that she sent me this pom pom maker too and we are going to make these OWLS for Laura Neiman!


Being a crafty, creative blogger is the best!  I love what I do.



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