MY MOM – A Mother’s Day Book with Removable Magnet

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I am so excited to be sharing all of these awesome and fun projects for kids to create and give as gifts for Mother’s Day!  A Kid’s CREATIVE Mother’s Day series is filled with ideas and this is one of my favorites for sure.  My son filled in blanks about me when he was in kindergarten and my favorite was, “My Mom has big teeth.”  He informed me that when I took a bite of his sandwich it was HUGE so my teeth must be big.  I want to thank Sculpey for sponsoring this post.  I also want to state that the ideas and opinions are my own.  I love working with Sculpey (especially the Bake Shop Clay) to make things.  I am currently doing an artist residency and the kindergartners are working with it.  They are doing amazing.  Anyway, back to My Mom – A Mother’s Day Book with Removable Magnet.

To create the magnet of a mom, kids will need the right colors of Bake Shop clay.  I recommend offering the following and keeping it simply.

  • Brown (Skin or Hair)
  • Tan (Skin)
  • Yellow, Orange (Hair)
  • Black (Hair and/or Eyes)
  • Red, Pink (Lips)

When giving directions for making the magnets, the heads should be a little larger than a quarter.  You don’t want them to thick or they will be too heavy for a magnet.  Other than that, let the kids do their thing.  Bake the clay following the directions in the packaging.  When it is totally cool, glue a magnet onto the back.

If they want to make a flower, offer purple and green too maybe.

Two magnets is better than one!

I have a book in my store on TpT that you can grab HERE.  It works perfectly with the magnetic MOM head.  To adhere the magnet to the book, use a sticky dot so it can easily be removed.  The book actually has a mom and dad.

The cover is adorable with the magnet on it.

My Mom Book

Bake Shop clay is really fantastic for kids.  It is calming to work with so even the most energetic of students can be successful.  It comes in a large variety of colors.  Personally, I love the combo pack.  It comes with a couple of tools too.  Bonus!

Cheers to Creative Kids Making Things for Moms,


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