My World Market Sewing Studio Tour

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Let me start out by sharing that I am an ambassador for World Market because I LOVE everything about the company/store from the product to the employees to the philosophy.  I especially love the social media team and the leader of this fearless shopping bevy.  This room makeover was in part sponsored by World Market and I could not be more appreciative.  Some creative people bake and others cook.  Some design interior spaces and others garden.  Some are amazing with clay and glazes while others can create magic with spices and oils.  My newest passion is sewing.  I recently redesigned one of my rooms into a sewing studio and I am so in love with it!  I got my favorite pieces from my favorite store and am super excited to share my World Market Sewing Studio Tour.  This part of my home along with my entire art and design studio are featured in the upcoming issue of Where Women Create Magazine.  I am so excited, proud and honored and can’t wait for it to hit the newsstands in a few days.


I chose the campaign desk because it is the perfect size for sewing.  It has a drawer for sewing essentials and patterns. On both ends, extra storage work surfaces pull out.  I love the matching chair too.  It is pretty and really comfy for sitting and sewing.  The message on the wall art is perfect for my daily reminder (okay sometimes hourly) to live, love and laugh.  You can find it here!


And the modular kitchen storage unit and attachments are PERFECT for storing sewing stuff too!  I LOVE the way everything fits and has a place!  Oh yes and that gnome doll!!!  She is a gift from the talented Kerry Goulder (aka Kid Giddy) to bless my new room.  I love her so much!  You can stitch one up with the pattern in her book!


This stacking basket type storage piece (Ronin Shelf) holds ribbons and trims and fabric pieces and other special things.  I love it.


BUTTONS!  This is my collection of Laura Kelly buttons that you can buy at A.C. Moore.


And these fabrics…all designed by me for JoAnn Stores.


Note that I am good at sharing (as long as it is not my coffee)!  I bought Ryp this awesome manly shelving unit (Emerson Shelves) to use for his bonsai garden.  He is so thrilled and loves it so much.  It is so fun to be in the same room at the same time doing totally different things but both creating.  It is like a dream.

Bozai Garden

He signed his name on the chalkboard part of the Mini Easel and I finished it up to add a special touch.


I think my favorite piece of furniture in the room is the working table in the center.  I am pretty sure it is meant to be in a kitchen but I have to tell you, it is an awesome work table!  I never have been very conventional.  It has a real name…the Wood and Metal Jackson Kitchen Cart.  It can get sticky and wet and it cleans up fabulously.  The bars on the end (probably meant for towels) are perfect for hanging fabric as I work!  The shelves underneath hold baskets and bolts and all things big.

Work Station

The last little thing I want to share here and now is my special paper dress from my little friend Mayhem.  She made it with paper that I doodled all over before she became such a famous star.  You can read more about that here.


If you think this sewing studio is fantastic with all this World Market awesomeness, wait until you see my BIG art studio.  It is even grander and funner and more amazing.  I will share it in a very special way in the days to come…very very soon days to come.

Until then, create and decorate to your heart’s desire.




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  1. You my friend are such a true inspiration! Your energy is so contagious and you inspire me to become better, dream bigger and love harder! Thank you for sharing your amazing sewing studio today! Loves- Madge

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