National Noodle Day

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I am totally serious, tomorrow is National Noodle Day again.  I am excited to share a few fabulous ways to celebrate.  First of all, you can hit up your local World Market and grab some of their awesome noodles and sauces to create gift baskets to drop off at your friends’ doorsteps as a super fun surprise.  I am an ambassador for World Market and trust me, every time I get a friend something like this they are so thrilled.

You can even do a word search puzzle and draw your favorite pasta with this free printable.

Of course, you can make a delicious dinner with World Market pasta too.

Want some noodles like these, you can grab them at World Market (in the store or online).

There are super awesome ones for kids too.

However you celebrate, Happy Noodle Day!


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3 thoughts on “National Noodle Day”

  1. This is a great printable. My son is into all things Italian right now, so he’s getting this fun activity.

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