Patriotic Flower Power Party

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I recently designed and added a printable to my ShopLauraKelly store.  I designed the Patriotic Flower Party Party to create some red-white-and-blue fun that is a little different from the traditional fire crackers and stars but still has a festive theme.


I think it came out really fun!  The invitation and thank you note would be great for a family party or a kid’s birthday!


The little flowers are perfect for the bottoms of Kisses but could also be used in lots of other ways.  They would be fantastic on toothpicks in little foods, put together as a garland or tied to silverware rolls.

Patriotic Printable 3

The bigger flowers are great to use as cupcake toppers or straw decorations.  These cupcakes are polka dotted in the middles with red and blue.  Check it out here!

Patriotic Printable 1

And the other bigger images are awesome for making a banner!

Patriotic Printable All

The borders fit around standard water bottles but would also work on jars and cups.

Patriotic Printable 2

So much fun, right?  You can get the printable HERE in the shop or by clicking on the picture below.  It has three pages of Flower Power.

Patriotic Printable 3 Pages

Happy Celebrating the Red-White-And-Blue with Flower Power,


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