Patriotic Fabric Garland

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Okay, so this has got to be one of my quickest and most favorite little projects ever!  The patriotic garland decor with  fabric scraps is so easy to create and makes a darling decoration.  You can get patriotic fabric online or in a craft store.  You could also tear up old jeans and red/white clothing.  Patriotic ribbon works great too!


It is easy peasy to make.  YOU can do it!  You will need a few things (and you can grab them all in one stop for less that $15.00).  I used this Americana bundle of fabric, the lace and some polka-dotted ribbons (polka dots are my jam).  This supply stash is enough to make approximately TEN of these 15 inch long garlands.  SCORE.


To make it you simply tear fabric into 1/2 inch strips and tie the strips all to a piece of ribbon.  The length of the strips depends on how long you want them to hang.  Mine measured 21 inches before I tied them to the ribbon.  I tied handles on the ends to make it easy for hanging places.


Ta Da!


LOVE IT!  Oh and that patriotic PEEPmobile!  I love it too.  I made it a few years ago for the I Love the USA Blog Hop using fabric that I designed for Joann stores and a pattern from my friend Paige!



The fabric is great with the ribbons and lace to decorate all kinds of things.  I tied some on a plant just to show you and get your creativity juices flowing.  #decorateallthethings


Check out how it is being used this afternoon over on Doll Diaries!  It’s super fun.


Cheers and Happy Celebrating FREEDOM,


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