Rainbow Windsock for Springtime Breezes

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Rainbow Windsock

This rainbow windsock for springtime breezes is brightening up our yard until the trees and flowers bloom.  A rainbow windsock for springtime breezes is a great project to make with Oly*Fun because it is lightweight and blows nicely in the breeze. I love that there are so many colors of Oly*Fun so the combination possibilities are endless.

Supplies Need for Rainbow Windsock

The beginning of spring needs a little boost of bright colors around here.  In a few weeks everything will be bright and cheery but right now this windsock will really help brighten our yard.  To get started you will need the following materials and supplies.

  • Oly*Fun (in all of the colors of the rainbow)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Hot Glue
  • Rotary Cutter and Cutting Mat (Or Scissors)
  • Ring Piece to Mason Jar Lid


To make the top piece of your windsock, sew 2 inch by 9 1/2 inch strips of Oly*Fun to each other from red to purple.

Sew new strips of Oly*Fun (1 1/2 inch by 18 inches) by their tops to the larger one you just completed leaving 1/4 inch at each end..  Six pieces should fit perfectly.

Fold the sewn piece in half and stitch the two sides together to form a tube with the longer pieces hanging off like fringe.  It will measuring perfectly to fit around the ring.

Flip your windsock inside out to hide the stitched sides then use hot glue to ribbon to the top of your windsock to create a way to hang it.  Ta Da!  LOOK at those springtime buds on this tree.

It is so festive and fun.  These could be made in party theme colors, patriotic ones or holiday ones too.  The windsock could be made as a giant sized one too.

If you love rainbows, you might have a fun time doing this word search puzzle.

Cheers to SPRING,


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