Re-Inspired by a Kid Cross Stitching Kit – The Traveling Hedgehog Jar

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When I was growing up, we cross stitched.  I mean the whole family cross stitched.  My mom had elaborate patterns and projects and we did kid sized stuff.  I made pillows for my dolls and rugs for my doll house.  I made ornaments for the Christmas tree and gifts for friends.  And then one day I didn’t anymore.  I don’t really remember when I stopped.  I just did.  Until yesterday.

At the CHA show last week, I attended a blogger event held by Fave Crafts.  One of the sponsors (Dimensions by E.K. Success) shipped all of the attendees products to try out.  My box came.  I opened it.  It was this adorable hedgehog cross stitch kit (for kids) so I did it.  I stopped what I was doing and I just did it.  The kit was awesome.  It had everything I needed and excellent directions for those who need them.  I sat in front of the fireplace and stitched while jamming to Mindy Gledhill.

It is so relaxing and fun.  I altered it a bit from the pattern to make it themed for Valentines Day.  I love the way it is the perfect size to decorate the lid to a jar.  I call this a total score!

I just think…so…cute!

A while back (like years really), I asked my dear friend Jennifer Margeson to do me a favor.  She is a serious for real cross stitcher.  I asked her to use my frog design that I have in my Valentine (Oodles of Love) portfolio collection and cross stitch it.  She did and I have it.  I thought it would be a good idea to license my simple bright and fun designs for this amazing craft.  I am re-inspired.  I even found a place online where I can turn my designs into patterns…so I did.

Here you go.  The downloadable pattern is HERE free!  You can make the Love Heart Frog too.

The jar of candy was gifted to Laura from Housewife Hellraiser with instructions to eat the candy, fill and send it on to another happy blogger.  Wonder where it will go…

Happy Stitching and Creating,


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